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We offer 4 main types of gate valves:

Miniature UHV gate valves with ISO-KF or CF flanges

  • Miniature gate valves are available with manual or electro-pneumatic operation and great for industrial applications.
  • With their simple construction (one moving part for electro-pneumatically operated) they are extremely reliable and have a long service life.
  • These valves are available in sizes up to DN 40 ISO-KF / DN 40 CF.

HV gate valves

  • Our HV gate valves are available in sizes from 63 to 160 ISO-F and with manual or electro pneumatic operation.
  • Their larger size mean they are capable of handling higher flows without restriction.

UHV gate valves

  • UHV versions of the HV valves have a metal sealing.
  • They are available in CF fittings and able to operate up to 3 decades lower than HV valves (down to 10-10 mbar).
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