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DRYVAC PowerBoost

DRYVAC PowerBoost

Dry fore vacuum systems

Time for more intelligent pumping with PowerBoost

Like world-class sprinters, vacuum pumps often need to deliver powerful bursts of energy on demand. For applications like load lock for inline coaters, those peaks are traditionally covered by connecting several, less powerful pumps and running them at a constant speed – even during idle times. But what if load locks for inline coaters in the architectural glass, solar, display and other markets, could be made more efficient thanks to fewer, more powerful pumps that “knew” when to run hard and when to save energy? That, in a nutshell, is what motivated Leybold to create the world’s first intelligent vacuum pump: the DRYVAC PowerBoost system.

PowerBoost solutions can reduce the number of side-by-side pumps required in production. Therefore PowerBoost setups are more cost effective than conventional pump setups at same performance levels, this advantage pays off right from the start. PowerBoost means more power and more convenience. 

Why intelligent pumping?

PowerBoost is the first ever intelligent pump system that understands its vacuum environment. The system automatically identifies the cycle time and reduces the rotational speed of the roots blower before the new pump-down cycle begins.

DRYVAC PowerBoost - Intelligent technology

User advantages!

Benchmark in performance

The intelligent PowerBoost solution features adaptive self-monitoring. It automatically detects each previous pump-down cycle and calculates the maximum power available for the quickest pump down in the current cycle. The result is unparalleled performance, cycle after cycle. DRYVAC PowerBoost solutions offers 1.5 up to 2.7 times more suction speed than previous generations of pump-down systems.

Best efficiency

PowerBoost also uses automatically detected cycle data to adjust the pump’s performance for maximal efficiency. Parameters such as speed and power consumption are adapted to individual applications and operating conditions. Plus, PowerBoost requires no extra effort, so users can enjoy the benefits of plug-and-play convenience.

Lower noise level

PowerBoost is an exceptionally quiet solution. The pump detects cycle times and slows down the roots blower before each cycle to reduce unnecessary noise.

Reduced costs for investment and ownership

PowerBoost makes it possible to do more with less. Much more. Because when fewer pumps are required for the same job, that means real savings. Including less money spent on wiring and utilities. Get ready to enjoy plenty of extra space in your fab – and the new possibilities that it brings.

Intelligent cycle detection is the key to understanding the power of our DRYVAC PowerBoost and PowerBoost Plus systems – and to unlocking their potential. Our systems operate, simply spoken, based on a two-zone model. Zone 1 is defined as pump down (high pump load), while Zone 2 is seen as idle (no pump load). For a fast pump down you need all the suction speed in zone 1. In Zone 2 the pump is not really loaded (idle). DRYVAC PowerBoost automatically measures the zone ratio and “boost” its suction speed up to a factor of 2.7.

Basically, if one DRYVAC PowerBoost set its suction speed higher than factor 2 in Zone 1 you might save the invest of one conventional pump set. The expected boost-percentage will be estimated in our, for you tailored, pump down simulation. Here’s a closer look at what happens in each zone.

Zone 1

PowerBoost detects this zone by measuring the gas load. This zone is where you need maximum suction speed to pump down fast. 

Zone 2

Your vacuum system automatically enters Zone 2 as soon as you reach the target pressure (typically around 0.1 mbar). At that pressure level, the pump measured gas load is low and the pump will recover (cool down). After the first cycle (sum of zone 1+2), DRYVAC Power-Boost automatically identified the zone´s and “boost” the suction speed for the next pump down.

DRYVAC PowerBoost

PowerBoost and PowerBoost Plus are optimized for fast cycle applications and target pressures of > 0.01 mbar. These systems are suitable for all interval-based applications that require extremely high performance followed by idle periods. Autodetection of cycle times also makes them extremely flexible and adaptable to rotating products and variable conditions.




DRYVAC PowerBoost - Cost of ownership

DRYVAC PowerBoost - Technical innovation

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