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Pump repair

Maintenance and Service Contracts

Our full range of service contracts is designed to ensure a low total cost of ownership of your pumps, maximizing their performance and uptime. 

From preventive maintenance contracts to warranty extensions, we offer you customized solutions that let you focus fully on your production by providing a perfect match for your needs.

Which care plan fits you?

Extended Warranty Care

Extended Warranty Care is designed to keep your new pump running at peak performance. Including original wear parts and oil, it combines our extended warranty with the routine maintenance provided by your Leybold Service Engineer.

Preventive Care

Our Preventive Care agreement includes maintenance performed by Leybold Service experts using genuine spare parts. This means cost efficiency, reliability, longer lifetime, and peace of mind.

Parts Care

Our Parts Care agreement includes the scheduled delivery of genuine spare parts, service kits, and oil according to your vacuum pump needs. This means less administration and increased uptime.

Comprehensive care

Our Comprehensive Care agreement includes maintenance performed by Leybold Service experts using genuine spare parts and risk coverage. Our all-inclusive plan ensures peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business.

Health Check Care

Our Health Check Care agreement ensures that your pumps receive regular health checks carried out by Leybold service experts. Our specialists provide optimal care for your pumps while identifying upcoming needs.

Benefits of the maintenance and service contracts

Protect your investment

Extendable up to 5 years, our factory warranty not only protects your new investment against unforeseen events but also covers all the preventive maintenance on your pump and as well as any repairs that might be required.

Reliability and productivity

All service actions are executed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, using genuine parts and oils to guarantee the performance levels. This prevents production breakdowns and ensures high vacuum productivity and profitability. You can concentrate fully on what you care about the most: your production.

Uptime and reliability

Getting your kits on time for your maintenance will alert your service team to the fact that they need to perform the service. In this way there is no risk of a service delay, which would undermine your vacuum installation’s uptime and reliability. Spare parts, kits, and oils will be delivered automatically according to the service schedule.

Easy to use

Our service kits are assembled to meet the regular maintenance needs of Leybold vacuum pumps according to the maintenance recommendations. Leybold genuine parts achieve 100% form, fit, and function, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your vacuum pumps.

Highest efficiency

We produce our genuine spare parts, kits, and oils with the aim of providing quality, to ensure efficient operation and to let your production run smoothly. Leybold spare parts, kits, and oils have been tested to ensure high performance levels, a longer lifetime, and to prevent secondary damage.

Optimized administration costs

By choosing our Parts Care agreement, Leybold will take over the responsibility of sending you the necessary spare parts according to scheduled maintenance needs, determined by our experts. No more time and resources spent on procurement processes for separate spare parts orders.

Additional benefits of the maintenance and service contracts

Full coverage

Choosing our Comprehensive Care agreement, Leybold will take over maintenance planning and responsibility for servicing your vacuum equipment on a regular basis. You will know the total yearly maintenance costs in advance since troubleshooting and breakdown repairs are also included.

Cost-effective approach

Regular maintenance of your installation keeps your costs down, as it prevents production downtime and expensive secondary damage. Additionally, Preventive Care is provided at a fixed price agreed in advance, allowing you to plan your yearly maintenance budget more efficiently.

Peace of mind

Choosing our Preventive Care agreement, Leybold will take over maintenance planning and responsibility for servicing your vacuum pumps on a regular basis. It lifts the burden of having to follow up on pump service requirements along with ordering each service visit individually.

Longer lifetime for your vacuum pumps

Regular maintenance conducted by our service experts with genuine spare parts extends your vacuum equipment’s life. Our technicians will replace worn parts to prevent problems from getting worse. This ensures that your vacuum pumps will last longer and will run constantly.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Since regular maintenance keeps unexpected expenses to a minimum, our Extended Warranty Care ensures you enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership for your vacuum pumps. Plus, every year you know exactly what servicing your new vacuum pump is going to cost you.

Top vacuum performance

Our professional service engineers have years of experience in vacuum pumps. Combined with original Leybold parts and oil, their expertise ensures your pump will keep providing peak vacuum performance long into the future.

Vacuum pump reliability

As a manufacturer, your vacuum supply is the key to your business. But you have more important things on your mind than servicing pumps. That is why it is a good idea to let us take care of your new vacuum pump from day one.

Leybold Service – Expert and reliable partner

Maintaining your uptime and reducing the risk of production downtime is critical. Anywhere you are, Leybold is there to support you as your vacuum service partner. Our Field Service team and our fully equipped Service Technology Centers are at your disposal to have your vacuum pump serviced. 

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