3-Channel display operating unit able to control both passive and active gauges

Enables a wide range of measurement in environments that do not require a complete passive system. 

You can combine the UHV hot cathode passive gauges (IE series) with the active rough to medium vacuum gauges (TTR series or CTR series): allowing you to measure from atmosphere to 1 x 10-12 mbar/torr with a single control unit.

With the IM 540 controller you can plug in and display two active sensors and connect two IE sensors (powering one at a time) simultaneously giving you peace of mind: you can keep your system under vacuum even in the event of a gauge failure.

The IM 540 can:

  • display pressure in mbar, torr, pascal, and micron
  • display any single channel pressure trends via a bar graph, or simultaneously display all the measurement channels as single values.
  • be placed on a benchtop, or mounted on a rack with output via RS232 for integration into wider systems.

Measurement and control from atmosphere to e-12mbar/torr

Connect two UHV gauges, powering one at a time

Continuous UHV measurement also during the degassing phase (up to +250 °C with bakeable gauge head cable)

Two adjustable thresholds with adjustable hysteresis and freely assignable to the measurement channels

Compact benchtop enclosure (1/2 19", 3 HU)

CE mark

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