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Composing SOGEVAC FP


Oil sealed pumps

SOGEVAC FP rotary vanes pumps are the perfect choice for all food packaging applications.

SOGEVAC FP have been developed for food packaging and processing applications and are delivered with food grade oil. The innovative Leybold SOGEVAC FP pumps are distinguished by low noise levels, high pumping speeds and high reliability. SOGEVAC FP pumps have a pumping capacity range from 10 to 330 m3/h @ 50 Hz with an ultimate pressure of ≤ 8 X 10-2 mbar.

The rotor, having three slots in which the vanes slide, is eccentrically installed in a pump cylinder (stator). The vanes separate the interior space into three chambers. The volume of these chambers varies with the rotation of the rotor. The gas sucked into the inlet chamber is compressed and then pushed out through the exhaust valve. The oil injected in the inlet chamber guarantees the air-tightness, lubrication and cooling of the pump. It is dragged off by the compressed gases and roughly separated by gravity when entering in the oil sump. A fine separation is then operated in the exhaust filter, with an oil loss of below 1 ppm which is a benchmark in the industry.

SOGEVAC FP pumps are equipped with an anti-suck back valve at the inlet flange avoids oil coming back into the inlet line when the pump is stopped and a gas ballast for pumping condensable vapors.

Pumping of non-condensable gases

SOGEVAC FP pumps show high reliability in applications with non-condensable gases when operated without gas ballast. If the composition of the gases to be pumped is not known and if condensation in the pump cannot be ruled out, the pump is operated with open gas ballast.

Pumping of condensable gases and vapors 

With the gas ballast open and at operating temperature, the SOGEVAC FP oil sealed rotary vane pumps can pump pure water vapor up to the values indicated in the Technical Data. 

The necessary oil is supplied in the pump for those bigger than 65 m3/h.


User advantages

Compact design and small footprint

No motor coupling up to SV70 FP

Very low oil emission

State of the art sealing technology

Very low noise level in any working condition

Customized configurations possible

Simplified maintenance and service

Compact design and small footprint

The SOGEVAC FP pumps have a minimal footprint and has a customer-friendly design. They can easily replace competitive pumps without requiring special adaptation.

Quiet pumps for no additional noise

Improved lubrication circuits and mechanical tolerances help in minimizing pump noise level at all working pressures. These low noise pumps do not add noise to your operating environment.

Integrated functions

All lubrication circuits and the gas ballast system are integrated into the pump’s major components. SOGEVAC FP pumps have limited sealings and a reduced number of parts for an improved product reliability, durability and quick maintenance.

No motor coupling up to SV70 FP

The rugged concept of the cantilever motor shaft design avoids a coupling element. This makes the SOGEVAC FP pumps up to 30% shorter and compact as compared to competitive pumps.

Customized configurations

The SOGEVAC FP pump range can be customized to fit your application requirements. Motor, inlet or exhaust ports, food-grade oil, larger gas ballast are some examples of possible customization. 


Leybold SOGEVAC FP oil sealed rotary vane pump should run with LVO140 or 150, or an equivalent oil approved by Leybold that meets these requirements:

  • low vapor pressure, when at high temperatures;
  • flat viscosity curve;
  • minimum water content and absorption;
  • good lubricating properties; and
  • resistant to aging under mechanical strain

When using other oil brands, employ low doped, non-detergent mineral oils of viscosity class ISO VG 32 or 68. Using the other special-grade lubricants for specific applications is possible. Only use lubricants which have been fully qualified by Leybold.

SOGEVAC FP pump variants:

SOGEVAC FP variants are available for special applications

  • SOGEVAC FP – for standard industrial applications 
  • SOGEVAC FP PFPE – For pumping Oxygen (O2) in Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Find more technical data in our online shop.

  • Thermoformers/rollstock machines
  • Chamber packaging machines
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (except with O2)
  • Rotary chamber packaging
  • Blenders
  • Stuffers
  • Vacuum cutters
  • Freeze drying
  • Vacuum cooling
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