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Root blowers with air-cooled hermetically canned motor

Leybold RUVAC WS roots blower is driven by air or water-cooled canned motor. The available frequency converters have been matched to the pump so that the possibility of mechanical overloading it is excluded. In the case of a pressure difference which is too high, the rotational speed of the pump is automatically reduced until its load. Roots vacuum pumps of the series RUVAC WSU are provided with an additional integrated pressure equalization line and a differential pressure valve. Pumps from these series are supplied with a vertical pumping action as standard. 

Two air-cooled lines WS/WSU, each with four pump sizes

Highly leak-tight air-cooled pumps driven by air-cooled canned motor

Lubricated with mineral oil (alternatively with LVO 400)

Over-temperature switch in the stator coil of the motor

All elastomer seals made of FPM (FKM)/Viton

Integrated pressure equalization line with differential pressure valve prevents overloading on WSU model (optional)

A frequency converter can be used to operate the RUVAC WS 251 to 2001 pumps between 20 and 100 Hz

No shaft feedthrough to the atmosphere, thus particularly leak-tight

Conversion from vertical to horizontal pumping action can be done from the side of the customer

Supplied Equipment

  • The required quantity of oil is supplied separately with the pump (exceptions from this are indicated)
  • If no other type of oil is stated, then mineral oil LVO 100 is used as standard
  • Purged with nitrogen for corrosion protection
  • Gasket in the intake flange with integrated dirt sieve

Roots vacuum pumps of the series WAU/WSU/WHU are provided with an additional integrated pressure equalization line and a differential pressure valve.

RUVAC WS 2001 Vacuum Roots Blower
  • For applications which require a high pumping speed at pressures between 10-2 and 10-4 mbar (0.75 x 10-2 and 0.75 x 10-4 Torr)
  • Used where the possibility of contamination due to air ingress or pumped media leakage must be avoided
  • Suction or pumping of high-purity gases
  • Is used in clean rooms were the air must not be recirculated by the motor‘s fan

RUVAC roots blower is a standard equipment in the architectural glass coating industry. Combined with established oil sealed SOGEVAC pumps they realize the shortest pump down time at the loadlock chambers. Combined with the dry compressing DRYVAC and SCREWLINE pumps they guarantee a dry, reliable and trouble-free vacuum at the process chambers.

RUVAC roots blower is used in many applications to achieve the shortest possible cycle times, wherever fast evacuations are important, for example, in supporting load lock chambers or in high-speed food packaging.

RUVAC roots blower quickly reaches a pressure of less than 10-3 mbar when evacuating lamps and insulating surfaces prior to the vapor deposition processes.

RUVAC blower is also used in monocrystal pulling equipment for the manufacture of silicon mono-crystal, the basic material for the manufacture of semiconductors and solar cells. We would be pleased to offer you our extensive product and applications support and know-how.

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