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Glass Coating

Vacuum installations for coating applications

From wear protection on mechanical components to the coating of optical components or the metallization of plastic surfaces: all these processes take place under vacuum conditions.

Vacuum coating solutions

Vacuum coating is one of the most effective ways of adding high performance layers onto surfaces of various products, thus improving value for customers. Vacuum coating is a high-tech and constantly evolving segment of the production market in which Leybold’s solutions are setting the standards.

Vacuum coatings are used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  1. Low-E glass coatings for reflecting the sun’s energy while remaining 100% transparent. Low-E coating is an energy-efficient product that helps reduce energy consumption.
  2. Coatings on architectural glass for improving the aesthetic of modern skyscrapers through transparent light facades, while retaining the properties of low-E glass.
  3. Wear-resistant and hard coatings for improving the use of cutting tools at high cutting speeds.
  4. Functional coatings used in the production of solar panels, displays and touch screen sensors which allow modern devices to undergo constant development and quality improvement.
  5. Special optical coatings for creating optical filters, lenses, reflecting surfaces and anti-reflective surfaces.
  6. Decorative coatings, such as high reflective coatings for luxury finishes on parts and products.

Requirements of the vacuum coating market consistently drive Leybold to provide optimized products and customer-specific vacuum solutions, including fore vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, vacuum controls, vacuum measurement devices and leak detection systems.

Leybold vacuum pumps and solution provide

Increased performance of vacuum systems, including increased operational uptimes and decreased downtimes

Predictable and intuitive maintenance using IoT technology

Optimized product design for environmentally-friendly operation

A transparent operating cost structure with efficient energy consumption

Perfect alignment with reliable production operations in 24/7 environments

“Green” thinking and a CO2 reduction concept lays behind the engineering idea for each new product

Products related to coating application


A modern cost and energy-efficient family of dry screw-type vacuum pumps with unprecedented robustness. DRYVAC can handle repeated shock-venting during load-locking in addition to high dust gas loads during the sputtering process. DRYVAC pumps represent the “next generation” of fore vacuum pumps and are already an industry standard. Their features align well with today’s market requirements, since they're designed for green, environmentally-friendly operation and offer a convenient and transparent service plan.

DRYVAC PowerBoost

Sometimes you need a fully-integrated solution - for example, load locks for inline coaters requiring powerful bursts of energy. DRYVAC PowerBoost is a combination of a DRYVAC and RUVAC booster pump with an intelligent electronic module. This system automatically adapts the RUVAC booster pump’s performance to result in shorter cycle times and lower energy consumption. For clean room environments (TFT, SEMI and FPD), DRYVAC PowerBoost offers the best possible performance at the lowest environmental footprint.


Pumping large volumes requires a high-performing booster pump. Our classic booster pumps RUVAC WA(U) and WS(U) and also our innovative, hermetically tight RUVAC WH(U) can either work with a direct drive or, they can be driven by a frequency converter that allows them to run with higher rotation and pumping speed on a continuous basis.
With a capacity of 250 to 7000 m³/h, we can design vacuum coating systems of all sizes.


The SOGEVAC rotary vane pump family is a time-proven fore-vacuum pump used in coating applications. Since several decades, oil-sealed SOGEVAC pumps are the top choice of customers looking for reliable vacuum pumps with the best reputation for coating applications. You’ll typically find SOGEVAC pumps in systems combined with RUVAC Roots blowers. The SOGEVAC family is available in a wide range of pumping speeds, from 16 m³/h to 750 m³/h, which enables to use this pump family in conjunction with small table-top sputtering systems for large industrial sputtering machines.


TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA magnetic-levitated turbo molecular vacuum pumps are production-proven high vacuum pumps that generate a hydrocarbon-free vacuum for challenging applications. Thanks to their robustness, particles generated in the coating process can be tolerated just like high gas flows which appear in some coating applications for industrial production scales. The TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA pump is our most suitable solution for high vacuum in sputtering systems. These pumps offer low maintenance costs and high performance when it comes to pumping speed-size-throughput. Do you require a high vacuum pump for larger area coating applications? TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA is your go-to solution.


The TURBOVAC i family is a range of mechanical turbo molecular vacuum pumps offers various models optimized for industrial applications. Thanks to their special design, our robust TURBOVAC i IND version is best suited for tolerating particles generated in the coating process or the high gas flows needed in certain coating applications from small to mid-sized vacuum chambers.

Diffusion pumps

High-vacuum diffusion pumps are versatile enough for many applications, but they’re particularly useful for decorative coatings, wear protection treatments and roll-to-roll coatings. Our robust and cost-effective diffusion pumps of the DIP and DIJ range offer the lowest price-for-pumping speeds for any application requiring high vacuum.


High vacuum pump family for get humidity and oil free vacuum with lowest ultimate pressure down to 10-9 mbar. Optic layers need to be pure as much as possible to get right properties – so if purity of vacuum system is play core role then COOLVAC is right choice.

Vacuum gauges

Stable vacuum pressure is essential for consistently high-quality coatings. Depending on the process, the vacuum level and the accuracy required, various gauges are used to monitor or even control the vacuum level. From TTR91 or TTR101 gauges for rough vacuum to ITR90 for high vacuum levels, we offer a full line of gauges to meet your processing needs. For vacuum coating processes it is important to achieve an exact pressure during sputtering and a low ultimate pressure. In certain high-precision sputtering processes, the accuracy of measuring pressure plays a vital role. We have developed our own family of vacuum gauges that offer a measurement and control system for all sizes and all accuracy levels.

Leak detection

A tight vacuum system is a prerequisite for a stable coating process, ensuring a uniform product quality. Therefore, coating systems are leak tested with our PHOENIX rang of helium leak detectors. The range includes both wet and dry solutions and mobile and cart-mounted systems.

Vacuum fittings and valves

A vacuum system isn’t complete without special vacuum-tights parts, fittings and valves. All our accessories, from valves, sealing, piping and hoses fit perfectly with our pumps and comply with all world standards, such as ISO-K and ISO-CF.

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