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UNIVEX systems

Thin film coating systems

The UNIVEX system range is well established for experimental coating and thin film deposition applications in university and industrial research as well as pilot production.

The UNIVEX experimental systems were developed by Leybold for more than 40 years with a long tradition for high quality. The typical applications for UNIVEX systems are in research and development as well as for setting up pilot production plants. UNIVEX stands for universal experimentation systems that enable professional, high-quality results for different high vacuum processes. Our experimentation systems are primarily used in vacuum coating technology and in vacuum technology experiments.

User advantages

Universally configurable for almost all vacuum PVD coating processes

Simple to operate

Compact footprint

Easy to retrofit and upgrade

Incorporates modern vacuum technology and electronics

Modular system design

For high vacuum thin film coatings, reliable vacuum components lead to better results. Our UNIVEX thin film coating systems are designed by Leybold experts and are equipped with vacuum components manufactured by us, such as pumps, gauges and valves.

UNIVEX are multi-purpose coating systems for the production of functional PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings. Features such as modular design, variable chamber sizes and numerous accessories make our coating systems more flexible. Leybold offers thin film deposition system solutions that can be customized for specific process requirements. Our UNIVEX enable highly reproducible results through simple operation with manual or fully automatic process control.

The safe design and operation of our systems are carefully considered, long before they reach our customers. UNIVEX systems contain key components and intelligent designs that help to avoid potential hazards for our end users.

For after-sales support, we are happy to be your first point of contact. Leybold can provide spare parts, maintenance, remote diagnostics as well as on-site support during the warranty period and beyond.