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Food Processing & Packaging

Innovative Leybold vacuum solutions focused on food safety and low cost of ownership.

Vacuum solutions for food processing and packaging

The global food production, processing and packaging industry has an incredibly important and challenging responsibility - feeding billions of people around the world. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted this reality, but the primary role of the food industry has always been to provide consumers with a safe, stable and affordable food supply.

One of the most impactful and controllable aspects for food production industry to remain competitive is the way in which they utilize their equipment. Food processing and packing lines such as thermoformers, rotary packers, tumblers etc. are often equipped with vacuum pumps for improved shelf life, ease of processing and improved product quality.

Vacuum systems are critical to food processing and packaging, especially when it comes to food safety. Optimized vacuum pumps can maximize your production and minimize your maintenance and downtime. Faulty, outdated and inefficient vacuum can cause slower cycle times and maintenance-related downtimes. This can, in turn, have a direct negative impact on profitability.

Innovative Leybold vacuum solutions focus on optimizing your food production lines:


Our NOVADRY not only improves food safety with its 100% oil-free operation but also provides longer uptime thanks to its robustness over oil sealed pumps in challenging processes such as tumbling or stuffing of meats.

  • Dry screw technology -> Very robust in harsh applications
  • 100% oil free -> Improved food safety
  • Air cooling -> Quick & easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance requirement -> Low total cost of ownership
  • Released for MAP with oxygen -> Suitable for red meat packaging with high O2


Our DRYVAC range is a compact, water-cooled and silent dry screw pump that can be installed in close proximity of your production line, increasing your packaging performance. With a hygienic design, you can washdown our pumps along with your other production equipment.

DRYVAC 650 FP_112065FP18-1
  • Dry screw technology -> Very robust in harsh applications
  • Clean vacuum -> Improved food safety
  • Extremely compact -> Easy to install on the line
  • Very low noise -> Improve working environment
  • Low heat emission -> Can be localized to improved machine performance


In the most demanding food processes such as mixing or by-product conveying that can have heavy contamination, our CLAWVAC pumps with stainless steel claws are ideal with their on-site chamber cleanability capability.

CLAWVAC CP Image Picture
  • Dry claws -> The most robust technology for demanding processes
  • Stainless steel claws -> Corrosion free even with high humidity
  • Released for MAP with oxygen -> Suitable for red meat packaging with high O2
  • Pumping chamber cleanable on-site -> No downtime due to vacuum pumps
  • Minimal maintenance requirement -> Low total cost of ownership


Our best in class proven oil sealed rotary vane SOGEVAC pumps have been delivering in several food packaging and processing application thanks to their robustness, stable performance and ease of service over competitive oil sealed pumps.

Composing SOGEVAC FP
  • Best in class rotary vane pumps -> Proven technology for food applications
  • High pumping speed at all pressures -> Improved packaging machines performance
  • Low operating temperature -> Longer oil exchange intervals
  • States-of-the-art exhaust filtering technology -> Clean vacuum
  • Easy maintenance -> Low cost of ownership


For demanding food applications that required excellent water vapor handling, organic acid tolerance etc., such as food freeze drying, our dry screw air cooled SCREWLINE pump is an excellent fit with its on-site pump chamber cleanability feature.

SCREWLINE SP 630 117007
  • Dry screw technology -> Very robust in harsh applications
  • Air cooling -> Quick & easy installation
  • Pumping chamber cleanable on-site -> No downtime due to vacuum pumps


VACUBE is a new generation of intelligent, oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps with variable speed drive (VSD) technology. VACUBE generates vacuum on demand and provides significant energy savings for a wide range of food applications.

VACUBE VQ 1600 i with HMI
  • Variable oil sealed screw pump -> Energy saving solution
  • Smart control -> Monitoring of process parameters and pump sensors
  • Size up to 4800 m3/h -> The answer to high pumping speed requirements
  • Modular concept -> Perfect pump for central vacuum systems
  • Energy recovery kit -> Additional energy saving possible


Leybold goes one step further to offer modern solutions for your central vacuum systems based on industry 4.0 with the VAControl. Control your vacuum pumps, monitor and schedule your process with VAControl’s various user friendly options.

Industrial Vacuum Controller
  • Allows to control multiple pumps -> Easy to implement
  • Pressure set point -> Offer energy saving potential
  • Smart control -> Improves products quality by optimal process pressure

Hygienic Enclosure

Our range of stainless steel hygienic enclosures, perfectly protects your vacuum pump from water damage during against daily wash-down required on the food industry.

Hygienic enclosures avoid water retention points allowing you to achieve a high level of food safety. Hygienic enclosures are designed for your Leybold pumps to protect during washdown without disrupting your pump's thermal management or performance..

Hygienic Enclosure pump Group
  • For washdown environment -> Protect your vacuum pump
  • Specifically designed for Leybold pumps -> Ensures optimal cooling
  • Installation close to the process -> Increases machine performance
  • Delivered as a kit -> Easy to assemble and install
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