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NOVADRY ND 400i System small

NOVADRY NDi system

Smart systems with integrated VAControl CAB!

The smart NOVADRY NDi offers a smart central vacuum for an enhanced user experience. With pumping speed up to 600 m³/h combined with the robust dry screw principle, the NDi is a powerful CVS at any working pressure. The smart control via our VAControl CAB allows operation at the selected target pressure to not waste any performance or energy. All pump data is available anytime – from anywhere and intelligent software functions like maintenance and service alerts or the set up of different user profiles guarantee best operation performance.


User advantages

Easy maintenance

Smart control

Energy efficient

100% oil free

Robust dry screw

Plug & Pump for highest convenience

Smart control with VAControl CAB:

  • Standardized products - ready-to-order! 
  • Intelligent pump systems with VAControl CAB 
  • One controller to manage all processes Pump data available from anywhere: 
    • Local, remote or cloud connectivity 
    • Data recording for best production quality 
  • Maintenance and service alerts for higher uptime 
  • Functions to enhance user experience: 
    • Starts / Stops of multiple pumps 
    • Pressure control 
    • Cloud communication via GENIUS 
  • Direct control via various devices 

…go digital today! 

Industry maintenance engineer woman dark skin wearing uniform and safety helmet under inspection and checking production process on factory station by tablet. Industry, Engineer, construction concept.

Smart central vacuum systems

NOVADRY ND 600i Systems

Your unique benefits:

  • 100% clean and hygienic vacuum
  • obustness at any working pressure
  • Easy handling for highest convenience
  • Low energy consumption to fulfill sustainability goals

Create more value with intelligent software functions:

  • Vacuum on demand:
    • Save on energy
    • Increased pump maintenance cycles & lifetime
  • Event creation for optimized production planning
  • Maintenance and service alerts
  • User accounts with different authorization levels

    …flexible software for customer specific upgrades!

NOVADRY ND 400i system

NOVADRY ND 600i system

Maximum pumping speed (w/o gas ballast)




Ultimate pressure w/o gas ballast




Max. permissible outlet pressure (rel. to ambient)




Max. permissible inlet pressure




Water vapor tolerance with gas ballast




Water vapor capacity with gas ballast




Permissible ambient temperature


0 to +40 °C

0 to +40 °C

Nominal motor power 50Hz / 60Hz




Dimensions (L x W H)


1410 x 925 x 1503

1410 x 925 x 1979

Inlet / outlet connection


DN80 / DN80

DN80 / DN80

NOVADRY NDi system

PDF    6.6 MB

Target applications for NDi:

  • CVS for applications with <100 mbar
  • Typical central vacuum systems in:
    • Food & Packaging
    • Medical institutions
    • R&D institutions
    • Composite producers
  • Electronic component producers
  • Pick & Place applications in various applications
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