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Active Measurment Gauge

Broad range vacuum gauging

Vacuum measurement for every process

Available in both active and passive configuration, all our gauges are easy to integrate via one of our dedicated active gauge controllers: GRAPHIX or DISPLAY.

The THERMOVAC and PENNINGVAC gauges are also compatible with our TURBO.CONTROLi pump and gauge controllers.

Alternatively, with their simple outputs 0-10 V / serial communications, they are easy to direct into your PLC. 

THERMOVAC Pirani vacuum gauge

The workhorse of vacuum gauging

Wide range, robustness against a majority of environments, works in the rough to medium vacuum levels.

PENNINGVAC cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge

Measuring from 10-2 to 10-9 mbar/torr

Often paired with Pirani gauges to measure systems utilizing high vacuum pumps. 

IONIVAC hot cathode ionization vacuum gauge

Accurately measuring from medium to ultra-high vacuum pressure.

Hot cathode ionization differs from cold cathode in that it has a hot filament emitting ions inbuilt into the sensor head. This technology is capable of measuring from medium to ultra-high vacuum pressures (10-12 mbar/torr), the trade off being a sensor head that requires more protection, and with its more complex design comes a higher cost of ownership.

As with cold cathode technologies, they stop measuring ~10-2 mbar/torr, therefore are normally combined with an integrated pirani to provide full range measurement in a single gauge.

Also there are different versions of the hot cathode technology, with the main types being Bayard-Alpert (ITR or IE 414) and extractor (IE 514). The extractor technology offers the lowest pressure measurement with the ability to measure to 10-12 mbar/torr

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