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Dry screw vacuum pumps

Compact, rugged, oil-free vacuum pumps

Leybold’s VARODRY plug and pump solution is air cooled and designed specifically for industrial processes. VARODRY pumps are easy-to-maintain, have efficient pumping performance and are reliable with innovative belt drive that delivers high uptime. The optimised temperature profile ensures handling high amount of water vapor safely. Give yourself one less thing to worry about, with VARODRY vacuum pumps.

VARODRY HD/O2 variant is specifically designed with a stainless steel exhaust and built-in purge module. Together, these allow the pump to handle some of the harshest applications in which exhaust gases are usually piped away.

Additionally, the 100% oil-free VARODRY HD/O2 variants are capable of handling up to 100% oxygen. These capabilities have been accredited by a notified body, based on intensive and rigorous testing.

Take advantage of the best of today’s technology. Your expensive (PFPE) oil replacements are a thing of the past. The VARODRY HD/O2 minimizes your total cost of ownership!

The VARODRY OEM variant offers all the unique advantages and same performance as our VARODRY standard variant, but with a reduced footprint. The OEM variants are optimized for systems integration and wherever installation space is limited.

User advantages

Plug and pump with fully air-cooled design

100% oil free pump for low cost of ownership

Robust self-draining pump design optimised dust and particle handling

Innovation belt drive for synchronised rotors delivering stable high uptime

Contact free mechanism with minimum parts for easy maintenance

No need for water cooling or water circuit maintenance

HD/O2 variant that can handle up to 100% O2 and harsh applications

OEM variant with smaller footprint 

The VARODRY is optimized for the challenges found in many industrial applications

Repeated and fast cycling:
The VARODRY offers a very quick pump down. The pump tolerates atmospheric pressure shocks and repeated evacuation cycles.

Dust and particle handling:
The rotor screw principle and anodization offers the best performance to handle fine, dry dust particles. In the case of large amount of dust, a wide range of filter portfolio is available.

Vapor handling:
Due to its optimized temperature profile and the built-in gas-ballast, the VARODRY offers a high vapor tolerance, avoiding internal condensation.

Reactive gas handling:
Often vapors (e.g. hydrocarbons) tend to react inside hot dry pumps and build-up internal coatings which can cause pump seizure. The internal temperature profile virtually eliminates this risk.

Liquid handling:
The self-draining design of the VARODRY pumps can handle droplets or even liquid slugs as the liquids can flow freely out of the pump.

VARODRY VD 65 - 200 dry screw vacuum pump

Operational costs

VARODRY is fully air-cooled and oil free which means that the VARODRY only consumes electricity. Say goodbye to extra costs for cooling water supply or oil/oil filter exchange and disposal. Additionally, its low power consumption offers significant energy savings. All these benefits give you a Total Cost of Ownership savings in a wide range of demanding applications, especially where standard pumps require a lot of maintenance.

User maintenance

The belt can easily be exchanged by you, in less than 30 minutes. The partly removable enclosure makes this really convenient. The belt exchange interval (typically one year) depends on the individual applications and the belt exchange kits and maintenance tools are available as spare parts. Furthermore, we offer solutions for multiple pump control via VAControl and VAControl CAB.

two service employees repair the VARODRY

VARODRY reduces your maintenance and service requirements

With only two parts to maintain (belt and bearings), minimal efforts are required to keep your pump running at peak performance. At the same moment, the uptime of your facility will be strongly improved.

Leybold service

The bearings can be exchanged on-site by trained Service technicians. Typically, the bearing lifetime is 3 years. Complete pump-overhauls can be done in one of the many Leybold Global Service hubs. To ensure the highest factory uptime, Leybold offers a fast “pump exchange”. Our back-up pools offer flat pump exchange rates, to keep your production running at all times.

VD 65
VD 100
VD 160 
VD 200
Max. pumping speed   m3/h 65 105 150 200
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast  mbar < 0.01
with gas ballast mbar < 0.1
Max. permissible inlet pressure         mbar 1050
Max. permissible outlet pressure (rel. to ambient)      mbar 200
Water vapor tolerance with gas ballast mbar 60
Water vapor capacity with gas ballast kg/h  1.9  2.9  5.2  6.9
Noise level (with built-in silencer) at ultimate pressure (50 / 60 Hz)** dB(A) 64 / 67 65 / 69
Permissible ambient temperature °C 0 to +40
Rated motor power kW  1.5  2.2 3.0 4.0
Protection class   IP55
Inlet / outlet connection   G 2“ (In) / G 1 1/2“ (Out)
Weight, approx. kg 90 100 130 130

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  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Heat Treatment
  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Electrical Industries
  • Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing
  • Charging
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioner (RAC)
  • Lamination, Degassing, Drying, Plasma Cleaning
  • Industrial Gases
  • CNC, Holding & lifting
  • Paper Handling
  • Composite Production
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