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Intelligently control your vacuum pumps

Industrial vacuum pump controllers

At Leybold, we’ve been bringing innovation to the vacuum world since 1850. We believe it’s now time to enhance our state-of-the art mechanical technology with the power of connectivity and artificial intelligence.

Prepare your vacuum installation for a digital future, with the VAControl™ family. We have developed our VAControl™ controller to bring you more performance, both today and tomorrow.

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Optimize pump performance:
VAControl™ manages motor drives and multiple sensors to reduce energy consumption and improve performance, durability and reliability.

Receive immediate support:
Anticipate your maintenance based on real-time data and with alerts directly programmed in your pumps. With your approval, our service teams can access the pump remotely and help you with updates, optimizations and diagnostics - immediately!

Monitor your complete installation:
With its optional leak detection function, VAControl™ is able to perform leak tests and verify the health of your vacuum installation.

Receive new software and features: 
Request additional functionalities customized to your industry and specific needs.

Benefit from your pumps’ data...
and others!
With your approval, specific data is recorded and processed. This data analysis gives you access to increased uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Check your pump data from your desk… or from anywhere else:
VAControl™ offers local, remote, or Cloud connectivity.

Improve your production process’s quality:
VAControl™ records vacuum pressure data and allows you to guarantee the best production quality.

Intuitive interaction with your vacuum pump: 

You’ll quickly learn your away around a VAControl controller. The intuitive interface gives you easy access to all the features. The pump’s manual is also stored inside the controller, so you always have it on hand.

Manage energy consumption and meet ISO50001 standards:
VAControl™ follows up on actual energy usage, and gives you access to recorded data. You can also program production schedules to run the pumps only when required


Leybold VAControl range

VAControl – single pump control

A VAControl is the brain of your industrial vacuum pump. This controller allows you to get the most out of your vacuum pump, by controlling every setting

Multi-VAControl – Multiple pump control

Effortlessly synchronize up to 16 pumps with on-board controllers, even fixed speed models and vacuum pumps from different brands. Are you setting up a central vacuum system? The Multi-VAControl makes sure the whole installation runs in the most optimal way. You can monitor your installation from anywhere, on your PC or smartphone. 
With a Multi-VAControl you gain: 

  • All the benefits of the VAControl 
  • Access to your pumps’ data over the cloud, via WiFi or LAN 
  • Easy multi-pump system: quick to install, intuitive to use, and always possible to upgrade with more pumps later on. 
  • Connect and synchronize up to 16 pumps 
  • Control your centralized vacuum system via PC or smartphone 
  • Connect up to 3 sensors to manage your processes

VAControl CAB – smart electric cabinets

Running various pumps in one system has never been easier: the VAControl CAB is an electrical cabinet for up to 4 pumps. Your fixed speed pump becomes intelligent. 

The VAControl CAB features: 

  • All the benefits of the VAControl controller 
  • All the electrical hardware you need to safely drive your pumps 
  • On-board frequency converters to improve pump performance and durability 

Choose your software package, depending on your application: 

  1. Running a Pump & Roots system 
  2. Running pumps on central vacuum
VAControl CAB
VAControl / Multi-VAControl

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