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Passive gauge controller

With passive gauges having their control electronics removed in order to operate in irradiated environments or environments where electronic units would fail, we have a range of controllers offering the needed control systems. 

Compact three channel measuring instruments for passive sensors in installable benchtop / rack mountable housing (1/4 19'', 3 HU)

Vacuum pressure measurement from 10-12 - 1000 mbar

Error message per channel, in case of a broken filament, defective sensor line or failed plasma discharge, for example

Cable length up to 100 meters possible

RS 232/485 and Profibus interfaces

CE and RoHS compliant

Available in 2 variants

  • CM 51 which is capable of controlling and displaying 2 passive pirani gauges from our THERMOVAC TR series, and one passive cold cathode gauge from our PENNINGVAC PR series, and therefore display pressures from 1000 to 1 x 10-9 mbar (750 to 1 x 10-9 torr). The
  • CM 52 variant is capable of controlling and displaying 2 passive pirani gauges from our THERMOVAC TR series, and one passive hot cathode gauge from our IONIVAC IE series, and therefore display pressures from 1000 to 2 x 10-12mbar (750 to 2 x10-12 torr). 

With passive gauges often being used in demanding industrial and research applications, the controllers are similarly tough, with an extruded metal housing protecting the electronics from contaminations. 

  • Serial comms and analogue outputs for basic integration into wider vacuum system networks.
  • Profibus interface for those looking to integrate into an upgraded fieldbus network. 
  • We also have set point relays on the unit to help trigger processes without the need for external relay connections. 

It is also simple to connect the rough to medium vacuum TR gauge and have it automatically control the high to ultra high vacuum, PR or IE, gauge. By having the two linked it helps to protect the PR/IE vacuum gauge from turning on at high pressures, thus extending their lifetime. 

  • A clear and bright 7 segment display enabling good views of pressures from wide angles, great for often busy and big labs. 

Whilst the unit can rest on a bench, it is also rack mountable (1/4 19", 3 HU) with the enclosure made of metal for installation in front panel cut outs and 19" racks. 

Operation of the unit:

Either via the serial interface, or via the push buttons on the front of the unit. Via these you can set the gas types for each channel, zero the gauges, control the turning on and off of the gauges dependent on pressure, and more.

Made for 100-240V so can be used worldwide, rather than being region specific, making export of systems simple.

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