Leybold releases faster and more robust turbomolecular pumps

August 13, 2021


Leybold, the world’s oldest vacuum pump manufacturer, has expanded its line of modern turbomolecular pumps to higher pumping speeds of 1350 and 1450 l/s. As a result, the new TURBOVAC 1350 i/iX and TURBOVAC 1450 i/iX can now support even more industrial and scientific applications than ever before. 

Leybold is a premier manufacturer of vacuum pumps for industrial and scientific purposes. We are proud of our expertise in creating solutions and solving problems for our customers. We built this reputation by making industry-leading products of the highest quality, coupled with extensive service options to ensure you get longevity out of our equipment. 

Our highly versatile TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pumps will fit your needs whether you need them in the academic, research and development, analytical, life sciences, or industrial sectors. The pump comes in many variants — ranging from 90 to 1390 l/s pumping speeds. In addition, we have the accessories to tailor our machines to your process, offering the best performance.  

The new TURBOVACs are robust and built to improve your productivity and system uptime. With a user-friendly setup and operation, our products are reliable and consistent, withstanding mechanical impact and harsh venting. This offers light gas pumping speeds of up to 60% above present reference products. In addition, compression values can be 100 times higher than previous generation products. 

Turbomolecular pumps complete product line

For heavier gases (such as Ar), the TURBOVAC 1450 i is 10% higher than the present reference products. The pumps offer high throughput with high fore-vacuum pressures of up to 4 mbar. The new TURBOVAC models are available in DN 200 or DN 250 flange sizes. 

What does all this mean for you? Faster cycle times, higher process throughputs, and lower cost of ownership.

Setup is now more accessible with our new, simplified smart systems.

These intelligent systems check the condition of the mechanical bearing and warn when a service is imminent. The TURBOVAC 1450 i comes in standard and U variants — which you can install in any orientation.  

Our next-generation software Leyassist efficiently runs all TURBOVAC models, enabling continual setting up and monitoring of operations. Our Product Manager Cormac Kerins states, “With Leyassist, we now offer a state-of-the-art intuitive software platform which is free to use for all our customers.”


TURBOVAC iX fits easily into your systems and can control the fore-vacuum pump and up to two sensors or gauges. Our products offer the universal “Anybus” interface options via the Anybus module (RS232, RS485, ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, Ethernet, EtherCAT, etc.) for the full spectrum of field bus support. 

We have an oil-free hybrid bearing concept with a magnetically levitated upper bearing and lifetime-lubricated lower ball bearings.

Our low vibration design reduces noise, stress, and other negative impacts on vibration-sensitive applications. 
With these variants, the TURBOVAC i/iX series is now complete with 8 models ranging from 90 to 1450 l/s.

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