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Active Measurment Gauge

Leybold releases a series of robust and compact filament pirani gauges the THERMOVAC TTR-RN series

June 16, 2021

The ability to reliably measure and control the vacuum level in a given vacuum process is key in creating the highest efficiencies. This is why Leybold has developed the THERMOVAC TTR-RN series, a new compact filament pirani gauge for all vacuum applications requiring a measurement range from atmosphere to 1e-4mbar (7.5e-5torr).  

A perfect solution for analytical applications and any robust industrial process

With compact dimensions and rugged filaments, this latest innovation from the  vacuum specialist is equally well suited for analytical applications and robust  industrial processes. All in all, the use of the THERMOVAC TTR-RN series  from Leybold will support users to more easily monitor small and large vacuum systems and thus be able to control and scale them in a more targeted manner. The THERMOVAC TTR-RN series is globally available from today onwards. 

New filament technology

The core element of the measuring device is its new filament technology. By advancing filament technology Leybold increases the sensitivity and thus the accuracy of measurements. This has been coupled to high end electronics and interfaces, including a bright light ring which immediately indicates the pressure range locally.  

With reliable and reproducible measurement results, even the roughest vacuum processes can be optimized easily and quickly. As a result, dead process time is reduced and the throughputs in the vacuum processes are increased.  

For standard processes the THERMOVAC TTR-RN series has a tungsten filament, while for harsher process applications a corrosion resistant platinum variant is available. To further increase the reliability of the gauge a filter is integrated into the flange, blocking particles that would otherwise damage the filament.  

The THERMOVAC TTR-RN pirani gauges series is available with many flexible options to suit your need – starting with standard or corrosion-resistant measuring cells which can be combined with an array of flange types, communication protocols (0-10v, RS232, RS485) and output scaling options.  

Active Measurment Gauge

Easy maintenance

Regular maintenance can be easily carried out by end users themselves and without the need for any special tools. To separate the two halves of the meter only take a simple pull of the pin on the side. 

Both the cell and individual electronic components are available as spare parts. Based on its many years of experience in the field of vacuum measurement, Leybold can also ensure the individual application and after-sales support required in each case. 

Main advantages:

  • Robust filament technology - Perfect for industrial applications
  • Integrated filter  
  • Digital options available 
  • Backwards compatibility - easy to upgrade 
  • Illuminated ring with pressure indication