UNIVEX Coating Systems


Dactyloscopy System

Leybold has developed a coating system, which relies on a recognized metal evaporation process to reveal fingerprints on items containing fingerprint evidence. Deposition of thin gold or silver layers and a zinc layer, by means of thermal evaporation makes even weak fingerprints visible.

The system includes one removable substrate holder on telescopic rails which enables coating of large substrates. A window glass with 400 mm in diameter and LED lights allows a good specimen visibility. The system will be operated with a touch Panel with reduced number of push buttons and automatic sequences.

Furthermore, the system is designed for fast pump down to reach the process pressure within some minutes. 

Compact footprint

Easily controllable thermal coating process

Short cycle times

Coating of large areas up to 840 x 550 mm



Chamber size

width: 600 mm, depth: 600 mm, height: 550 mm

Thermal evaporator

multiple sources with dual configuration

Maximum exhibit size

840 mm x 550 mm

Vacuum level

mid 10-7 mbar

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