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5 benefits of using TURBOVAC i/iX pumps

May 4, 2022


The TURBOVAC i/iX vacuum pump series is the latest of our high vacuum turbomolecular pumps. Replacing our classic line of pumps, the i/iX pumps are hybrid bearing pumps that come in a wider range and offer better performance.

TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pumps are made to deliver reliable and consistent performance across a wide range of applications. The pumps are designed to optimize light gas pumping speed and compression ratio and come in eight different sizes, each pumping 90, 250, 350, 450, 850, 950, 1350, and 1450 l/s.

What is the difference between the i and iX pump series?

In terms of pumping performance, the i and iX are identical since they use the same pump unit. The difference is the integrated electronics that come with the pump.

The TURBOVAC i pumps come with the standard interface and the basic electronics, while the TURBOVAC iX pumps extend the functionality further. The TURBOVAC iX interface can also be used as a controller for up to six accessories, including the backing pump, and comes with full communication protocol and fieldbus support.

While you can get the TURBOVAC pumps as a standalone unit, you can also get the whole turbo vacuum system preassembled for you. The TURBOLAB and TURBOLAB Core systems are cost-efficient, plug-and-play systems based on the TURBOVAC pumps that you can get as an easy-to-use pumping station.

Benefits of using TURBOVAC i/iX pumps

1. Stress-free operation

The TURBOVAC i/iX series is designed to be user-friendly, and these Fit & Forget pumps can easily be maintained by the user. They are also designed to withstand mechanical impact and harsh venting, guaranteeing system uptime as you need it.

2. Low costs and maintenance

The TURBOVAC i/iX is designed with Leybold’s oil-free hybrid bearing system with lifetime-lubricated ball bearings. Since they do not require oil for lubrication, they are maintenance-free and will not contaminate your vacuum environment. Using our maintenance kits, you can also easily replace the lifetime lubricated ceramic ball bearing. The magnetically levitated upper bearing has a lifetime of 80,000 hours (10 years).

3. Higher resistance to particles

The TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pumps are certified with protection class IP 40 as standard, which is upgradable to IP 54 from the TURBOVAC 850 i and larger pumps. This means that these pumps are suitable for most industrial-type applications with harsh environments and offer excellent protection against water and dust ingression.

4. High flexibility

The TURBOVAC i/iX series has models that cover UHV (Ultra-high vacuum) throughput with options for air and water cooling and single and multi-inlet applications.

They can also be installed in any orientation, depending on your system.

A full suite of accessories is available as well, including vent and purge valves, an external controller, and both coarse and fine inlet screens.

5. Smart interfaces and intuitive software platform

All TURBOVAC pumps can be easily configured, managed, and monitored with our software LEYASSIST, free and available to all customers.

Common applications of TURBOVAC pumps

The TURBOVAC i/iX pumps are highly versatile and are at home in a broad variety of applications. A few of these include:

  • R&D applications such as thin-film research, space simulation, and university labs
  • Analytical and Life Sciences for mass spectrometry, plasma monitoring, leak detection, etc. 
  • Industrial and coating applications such as glass coating, electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces, and many more.
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