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New robust turbomolecular pumps for industrial coating and research applications

June 16, 2021

TURBOVAC 1350 i and 1450 i models complete Leybold's i/iX series

Leybold has further expanded its TURBOVAC i/iX pump family especially for industrial, coating and research applications that require robust pumps with higher pumping speeds. The new 1350 and 1450 sizes and its variants have been developed to maximize the pumping speeds. With these variants, the TURBOVAC i/iX series is now complete with 8 models ranging from 90 to 1450 l/s sizes.

Turbomolecular Pumps

TURBOVAC i-iX Series

Fast cycle times, high throughputs, low costs

For light gases (H2, He) pumping speed of the TURBOVAC 1350 I/s is 3-5 percent higher than reference industry products, for heavier gases (Ar) the TURBOVAC 1450 i is 10 percent higher than same reference products. With industrial customers in mind both pumps offer high throughput while tolerating high fore-vacuum pressures of up to 4 mbar. With DN 200 and DN 250 flange sizes to choose from these models are optimized to maximize conductance. On the fore-vacuum side there is a lifetime-lubricated ceramic ball bearing that users can replace themselves with the help of a service kit. The benefits for users: faster cycle times, higher process throughputs and lower cost-of-ownership.

Higher resistance to particles

One of the benefits of the TURBOVAC design is their insensitivity against mechanical impacts and harsh venting, which can occur in many industrial type applications. “It is this feature that prevents process downtime and thus gives peace of mind to our customers” explains Product Manager Cormac Kerins. 

While the TURBOVAC i/iX pumps have so far had protection class IP40 as standard, the new sizes (850 i to 1450 i) offer protection class IP54 as an option. This means that the models are better suited for use in particularly harsh environments and are more resistant against water and dust ingression through improved sealing of the connections 

Easy Setup

Maintenance of the TURBOVAC 850 i to 1450 i has also been simplified with smart systems which check the condition of the mechanical bearing and warn when a service is imminent. 1450 i Leybold released two variants. “U” versions of the larger pumps are installed upside down up to a horizontal orientation. The standard versions can be installed with the inlet facing upwards to a horizontal orientation. 

Leybold's smart interfaces and new intuitive software platform

All TURBOVAC models can also be easily controlled, configured, and monitored with the next generation software Leyassist. “With Leyassist we now offer a state-of-the-art intuitive software platform which is free to use for all our customers.” outlines Product Manager Cormac Kerins. 

The intelligent TURBOVAC iX simplifies integration into systems, with the ability to control the fore-vacuum pump and up to two sensors/gauges. To support specific applications in industrial and coating markets, the TURBOVAC range also offers the full spectrum of field bus support:the universal  called "Anybus" enables communication via Profibus, Ethernet IP, ProfiNET as well as EtherCAT through selectable modules, all of which are available in the IP54 version on the TURBOVAC 850-1450 i range.

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