Sistemi di pompe a secco a basso vuoto per vuoto centrale

La soluzione one-stop-shop per esigenze di vuoto centrale elevate

The unique product features of the CLAWVAC product line offer numerous advantages for the rough vacuum industry. The CLAWVAC CPi B System extends the line with a smart all-in-one multi-claw pump solution, combining all the benefits of the CLAWVAC with an intelligent controller and software to meet high process demands and provide energy efficiency, redundancy and easy maintenance.

Vantaggi per l'utente

Pure performance

Plug & Go

Easy maintenance

Smart controls & connectivity

Maximized energy efficiency

Potenza CLAWVAC ad alte prestazioni

  • Best-in-class performance
  • Continuous operation at any inlet pressure
  • Low power consumption

Facilità di manutenzione

  • Valves for each pump module for isolating them without shutting down the system
  • Full accessibility through an open and maintenance-friendly design

Prepariamoci al futuro

  • Completely set-up frequency converters for each pump
  • VAControl with in-house developed software
  • Continuous software updates and remote support

Il sistema CLAWVAC CPi B può sostituire le pompe per vuoto ad anello liquido di grandi dimensioni

Thanks to its unique design, CLAWVAC CPi B System combined with the right Leybold accessories can replace a liquid ring vacuum pump in many processes. Switching to our dry technology, you will generate many improvements:

  • Huge cost savings: no water consumption, no water treatment anymore
  • Lower power consumption than comparable liquid ring pumps
  • Stable process performance, independent from water temperature
  • Better environmental impact of your industrial plant, as water is becoming a valuable asset in many parts of the world.
      CP 1200i B CP 1600i B
      50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Velocità di pompaggio min/max   m³/h 24 - 1150 24 - 1450
    cfm 14 - 677 14 - 854
Gamma di pressione di pompaggio   mbar 150 - 1000
    Torr 112 - 750 112 - 750
Potenza dell'albero motore   kW 33 44
    hp 44,25 59.005
Livello di rumore   dB(A) 74 74
Temperatura ambiente   °C 0 - 40
    °F 32 - 104
Peso   kg 1500 1800
    lb 3306 3968
Classe di protezione   IP 54
Tensioni di alimentazione*     380 - 480 V, 3 Ph
Connessioni Flangia di ingresso DN 100 100
  Flangia di uscita DN 100 100

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CLAWVAC CP 500-1000

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Success Story Les Fermiers du Gers CLAWVAC

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  • Food and Packaging
  • Plastics (Extruding, Conveying)
  • Drying
  • Vulcanization
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Pick and Place
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