Why use the Leybold TURBOVAC i? Because the range is enhanced!

The TURBOVAC i/iX family has grown and now has two further members. The new TURBOVAC 850 i/iX and TURBOVAC 950 i/iX offer additional pump sizes with significantly higher pumping speeds than previously available, enabling customers to take advantage in more applications. That‘s why you can always rely on TURBOVAC i/iX! 

TURBOVAC 850 i/iX and TURBOVAC 950 i/iX, what's new?

  • From pumping speeds 90 -450 l/s to 850 and 925 l/s
    The TURBOVAC i/iX range covers pumping speeds over 900 l class
  • From 4 to 6 family members
     No matter which application, we offer the right pump size to meet your operation requirements
  •  From serviceability to active bearing management
     A pump generation for stress-free operation and service where the pump actively manages the 
     bearing, and bearing replacement on-site is possible
  • From IP40 to IP54
    While all TURBOVAC i/iX pumps offer IP40 as standard, IP54 is an option for protection in industrial and coating environments.

The Facts

Stress-Free Operation

Robustness increases your productivity and system uptime.

  • Proven reliability and consistent performance across a range of processes and demanding  applications
  • Unique pump stages design to deliver excellent performance also process applications with increased gas flows
  • Fit & Forget, user friendly and highly dependable installation and operation
  • Robust against mechanical impact and harsh venting

Unrivalled Performance

TURBOVAC i/iX has been designed to optimize both pumping speed performance and compression ratio.

  • Light gas pumping speeds of up to 60% above present reference products
  • Compression values 100 times higher than previous generation products
  • Wide range of performance variants from 90 to 925 l/s
  • Optimized rotor design for ISO 63, 100, 160 and 200 for optimum pumping performance

Minimal Application Impact

TURBOVAC i/ix, Leybolds market leading mechanical turbomolecular pump with cutting edge oil-free hybrid bearing concept and lifetime-lubricated ball bearings. 

  • Low vibration design for reduced noise, mechanical stress and negative impact on vibration sensitive applications
  • Clean oil-free bearings ensures maintenance free operation and zero contamination

Flexible Platform & Control Options

Wide choice of customer interfaces available across TURBOVAC i/iX range.

  • Integrated electronics and a variety of options for communication and control Installation in any orientation for  ease of system integration 
  • Variable rotor and drag stage configurations for perfect match to application requirements
  • Flexible from port position to fully customized products
  • Wide range of interface options including RS232, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet, EtherCAT

The Leybold Promise

Our pioneering spirit and expertise shapes the future we build together.
  • We are the reliable experts in vacuum and our sales and applications teams will help you specify the right solution 
  • Our commitment to continuous improvement and passion for exploring new ideas drives product innovation in the most advanced and complex applications 
  • Building long-lasting relationships since 1850

Multitude of Applications. Wide range of off-the-shelf solutions

The Leybold TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pumps are highly versatile and are suited for a wiede range of applications in R&D, Analytical, Life Sciences and Industrial sectors.

The pump range consists of a large number of variants and accessories meeting the requirements of your process, always providing best performace.

All about the range. All about the benefits.

Pumping speeds: 90, 250, 350, 450, 850 and 925 l/s x x
High compression for all gases x x
Oil free sealed for bearings with long lifetime x x
Operation in any orientation x x
Convection, air or water cooling options x x
Full range of venting and purging option x x
Customized products x x
Compatible with LeyAssit PC software x x
RS485, USB and digital IO interfaces x x
RS232, ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, Ethernet, EtherCAT etc.  x(*1) x(*1)
One accessory port for up to 2 accessories (via Y connector) x x
IP54 option on TURBOVAC 850  i/X and TURBOVAC 950 i/X   x(*2)
2 additional accessory ports - 3 accessories ports in total   x
Smart backing pump control   x
Gauge interface to collect and share pressure data and control the pump   x
Programmable logic PLC   x
Ability to function as a basic vacuum controller   x

*1 Anybus extension flexibility for further interfaces

*2 All other pump options are IP40

One core platform. Two interface standards.


TURBOVAC i pumps are available with a basic interface offering the control of up to two accessories, basic RS485, USB and DIGITAL I/O control. The interface can also be mounted off the pump if required. This makes TURBOVAC i the perfect basic pump. With the Anybus extension third party protocols are possible.


TURBOVAC iX pumps offer an extended interface with multiple third party protocols, control of up to 6 accessories, gauge interface and backing pump control and also programmable logic. This enhanced feature set reatly extends the functionality of TURBOVAC iX compared to TURBOVAC i, and enables it to act as the controller in your vacuum system.

Applications and Solutions

Analytical technologies/
Research & Development

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron microscopy
  • Surface analysis
  • X-ray analysis
  • Particle accelerators and synchrotrons
  • Laboratory coating systems
  • MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy)
  • UHV systems

Life Sciences

  • Proton therapy
  • Gamma sterilization
  • Production of high quality implants

Industrial and coating applications

  • PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)
    • Optical coatings
    • CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc production
    • Thin film technologies, photovoltaics
  • Load locks, transfer chambers, handling systems
  • Electron beam welders
  • Insulation vacuum and leak detection


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