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7 things you may not know about your vacuum pump manual

September 1st, 2022


Why is important to have a vacuum manual?

Your manual has all information needed to properly install, operate, and maintain your equipment, including important safety information.  There is a list of consumable items needed for preventive maintenance and a troubleshooting section if you are having an issue.  It also has transport and storage information if you won’t use your equipment for a period or need to move it. Please note that not all manuals include the same information.

With that being said, did you know that…

1. …every pump has a manual?

This may seem like an obvious statement. Of course, every pump has a manual, but some manuals contain information for an entire line of pumps, and not just one. For example, this TRIVAC manual offers information for the TRIVAC D 40 L, D 63 L, and D 90 L. All the pumps included in the manual are listed on the front cover, which looks like this: 

2. …we made it easy to find a Leybold manual?

There are two ways to find a manual:

1.                   Scan your pump

If you scan the QR code on your pump with a smart device, it will bring up your digital manual.

2.                   Use the website

We have developed a special section, which contains our pump manuals. To find a manual, you only need your part number or serial number, which can be found on the tag of your pump, gauge, RGA, leak detector, etc. 


Additionally, our vacuum manuals are available in multiple languages. If the manual is not available on that website, contact us.

3. …every manual contains starting and stopping instructions?

In your manual, you will find instructions on how to start and stop your pump. This section is important because it ensures you properly follow these actions. Making sure you start and stop the pump properly can prevent damage or harm to the pump. 

4. …your manual contains a recommended preventive maintenance schedule?

A preventive maintenance schedule is available in your pump’s manual. This is great to have because it gives you exact lengths of time between when you should check and change the vacuum oil, replace filters, and clean dampers. 

5. …your manual had a list of the most common accessories for your vacuum pump.

Many manuals include a table of common accessories for your pump. These accessories also have part numbers, and they are listed in the manual. You can copy and paste these part numbers into our online shop to purchase hassle-free.

6. …you can search through the PDF manuals?

All our manuals are available in PDF, which makes them quite simple to use in multiple software already available in your device. Once opened in your preferred device (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader), use the command “CTRL + F”. This command will open a search bar and there you will be able to type specific keywords. Afterwards, the software will highlight the sections in which these words are mentioned, and you will be able to easily identify the information you are looking for. 

7. ...besides the manuals, our experts can support you further

We want to make sure you receive adequate support. Therefore, our experts located worldwide are always happy to support you. 

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