Vacuum Pump Remote Connectivity and Monitoring

Vacuum Pump Remote Connectivity and Monitoring

GENIUS Instant Insights™

Vacuum pumps play a critical role in industrial production. Pumps must be in top running condition to ensure efficiency, optimum output, and a healthy bottom line. But what is the best way to manage vacuum pumps? GENIUS Instant Insights TM takes the lead.

Intelligence working for you

Instant Insights |Remote Access |Anytime Intelligence 

The most common causes of pump failure are avoidable:

  • Mechanical failure caused by wear and tear.
  • Internal corrosion caused by loose or worn seals.
  • Contamination caused by gas or liquid within the pump.


360° Overview.  The GENIUS Instant InsightsTM portal gives you important insights into the pumps’ operation such as:


GENIUS Instant InsightsTM

We offer you free GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal Access level with 2 options for subscription upgrades. With low investment you get transparency for increased efficiency at all levels.

  • Service and machine status
  • Pump's uptime and availability 
  • Telemetry – trends and reports 
  • Service and part scheduling
  • Alerts and warning services 
  • Group notification with SMS and e-mail

Safe and Transparent 24/7

With the GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal, you can access your pumps 24/7 from any location for pump monitoring. All information about your pump is stored safely on the GENIUS Instant Insights™ cloud.


The GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal supports 3 Tiers:

1. Access
Basic subscription level at no cost, Access is activated as standard, you will get everyday updates, warnings and critical alerts on the GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal.

2. Performance
With this upgraded level you get real time updates, SMS/e-mail notifications can be set, in this way, you and other concerned people inside of your organization are on top of all pump's events. Performance subscription also entitles you to see important telemetry information.

3. Enterprise
On top of the Performance level functionalities, Enterprise gives you energy consumption profile of your pumps and the possibility of real time vibration trends monitoring or alerts if a vibration sensor is already installed on your pump.

Lower Risk of Unexpected Breakdowns

This is because the GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal will instantly inform you about the alarm and when the service is due thanks to its remote monitoring system. In this way, you can prevent possible failures and make back-up plans without interrupting production.