Introducing a new addition to our TURBOLAB Core range of vacuum stations for industry and science

October 26, 2023

Clean, reliable and efficient performance, ready to pump from the box

The TURBOLAB Core range are our entry level vacuum stations made for both industrial and scientific settings, popular within academia, they are ideal for smaller scale research laboratories. Combining a primary-pump, turbomolecular pump, and controller into one unit, they bring simple plug-and-play functionality to many applications across science with minimal fuss. 

Originally launched in 2021 the TURBOLAB Core 90i and 250i came with the robust DIVAC 1.4 diaphragm pump as standard, offering primary pumping speeds of 1.4 cubic liters per hour. 

Our customers now have the option of a new variant, launched in October 2023, which comes with the SCROLLVAC 3S as the backing pump. Along with increased pumping speeds from 1.4 to 3 cubic meters per hour, it also delivers better ultimate pressure of 0.1 mbar within the same footprint, an important consideration in today’s environmentally aware climate. 

TURBOLAB Core 90i and 250i

Our commitment to producing vacuum solutions that enable clean and carbon neutral products is further demonstrated by the move to oil-free, scroll vacuum technology that the SCROLLVAC 3S employs. 

With extra protection in the event of a power failure, via the integrated inlet valve, along with fully replaceable parts, this new variant is built to last, with fewer maintenance intervals, which is great news for the end users who employ and maintain stations on a daily basis. 


Speaking about the new addition to the TURBOLAB range, product manager Petr Lastovicka said

“The TURBOLAB Core has been very a successful product for small R&D labs and academia. We are really excited to further improve this model by adding our latest scroll technology and increasing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of this product.”

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