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  • Leybold meets demand for clean dry pumping solutions with the new SCROLLVAC 3 and 3S plus scroll pumps

Leybold meets demand for clean dry pumping solutions with the new SCROLLVAC 3/3S plus scroll pumps

to complement its comprehensive range of vacuum products

June 21, 2023

Clean, capable, convenient and above all compact

Leybold is proud to announce the latest addition to its range of advanced scroll pumps: the SCROLLVAC 3/3S plus.

The new younger brother of the SCROLLVAC family combines high pumping speed with good ultimate vacuum in a compact, flexible, quiet, and reliable package. As such, it fills the gap in the market for smaller and more compact pumps, making it one of the best choices for small-scale R&D and other laboratory applications.


Dry oil-free solution

The SCROLLVAC 3S plus offers all the benefits of advanced scroll pump technology in a clean, dry, and compact package. Because there is no oil to worry about, the SCROLLVAC 3S plus promises less hassle, less risk, less maintenance, less total cost of ownership, and less environmental impact compared with oil-sealed rotary vane pumps.


Small on footprint, big on performance

Despite weighing in at just 8 kg, Leybold’s newest SCROLLVAC pump is capable of achieving peak pumping speeds of up to 3 m3/h at 50 Hz (or 3.5 m3/h at 60 Hz) and a typical ultimate vacuum of 0.1 mbar. As such, the SCROLLVAC 3S plus is a very capable alternative to diaphragm pumps.

Flexible system design

The very small footprint and light weight of the SCROLLVAC 3S plus make it easy to integrate in any system. It is supplied as standard with DN 16 ISO-KF inlet and push-fit exhaust connections along with a mains-driven motor, IEC connection, and on-off switch for easy operation. It can also be mounted either horizontally or vertically, if required, with brackets and base plates available as optional accessories, making it easy to attach the pump to any structure.

A top choice for turbos

With its superior performance and compact footprint, the SCROLLVAC 3S plus is a great alternative to diaphragm pumps. It is particularly well suited for backing the Leybold TURBOVAC i range of turbomolecular pumps. And with a base plate available as an accessory, it is easy to retrofit for users looking to upgrade existing systems to scroll technology.

Effective vapor handling

The built-in manual gas ballast on the SCROLLVAC 3S plus is capable of handling a fair amount of water vapor in the pumped gas load, while still maintaining a good ultimate vacuum. Configured for light gas pumping and low vapor load handling, the SCROLLVAC 3S plus can also be fitter with an optional adaptor for inert gases.


Quiet operation, low vibration

The SCROLLVAC 3S plus is optimized for quiet operation. Achieving low vibration of 4.5 mms-1 (in plane of bearing) and further isolated with a full fan cowl, users can count on quiet operation, which is particularly important in a laboratory setting. The SCROLLVAC 3S plus is also supplied as standard with a separate exhaust silencer filter for free-standing operation. Otherwise, an exhaust line can be fitted directly to the built-in push-fit exhaust fitting.

Reliable seal, secure performance

As with all larger Leybold SCROLLVAC pumps, the newest SCROLLVAC comes fitted with a built-in exhaust valve as standard, providing effective protection from rapid pressure rise. For extra system protection in the event of a power failure, the SCROLLVAC 3S plus also offers the added peace of mind of a fast-acting solenoid inlet valve* with a delay relay switch to preserve the vacuum inside the system.

*For users who already have protection valves built into their system, the pump can also be supplied without the inlet valve, for an even more cost-effective solution.

Diverse applications

With its high build quality, outstanding performance, flexible design, and compact footprint, the SCROLLVAC 3S plus is ideally suited to smaller-scale laboratories and R&D applications.

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