What Can Your TURBOLAB Do?

The TURBOLAB and its many applications

February 18, 2022

3 min read

Let’s talk about turbo pumping stations and where they can be used! There are many people who purchase turbo pumps, controllers, and roughing pumps separately and configure them themselves. However, there are many out there who like the convenience of a turnkey turbo station.

It’s okay if you fall in the latter group; Leybold’s TURBOLAB vacuum pump system has got your back. 


Before jumping directly into TURBOLAB applications, let’s see why you should choose a TURBOLAB system.

The standard TURBOLAB and TURBOLAB Core both have unique, valuable features. Here are some of them:

  • These are fully assembled, ready-to-use vacuum systems, so you don’t have to buy a controller, power supply, and cables separately. Instead, just connect the pump to your system, plug it in, and start pumping.

  • The standard TURBOLAB comes with the ability to control two gauges and six accessories. It comes in tabletop or cart versions. 

  • The TURBOLAB Core is a compact device without a huge footprint. It features a cooling fan at the bottom of the control unit that also provides air cooling to the turbo pump. The controller can control one gauge. It only comes in a tabletop version.

  • They provide immense flexibility for a variety of applications.

What are some common TURBOLAB applications?

You can use TURBOLAB for a multitude of reasons, including:

Research and development (R&D) 

The TURBOLAB can be used in almost any application where a stand-alone turbo pump is used. For R&D, this almost always refers to high and ultra-high vacuum applications such as surface science, mass spectrometry, cryogenics, and more.

The easy and flexible operation of the TURBOLAB makes it ideally suited to fit into labs that may already have a great deal of instrumentation – it can be placed under vacuum chambers, on lab benches, or wheeled on a cart.

Due to its low price tag, the TURBOLAB Core is particularly ideal for university labs, where funding for new equipment can be tight.


TURBOLAB systems can also offer a lot of convenience during the process of starting up a new lab. Starting a research lab from scratch involves many suppliers covering many pieces of equipment. Due to its all-in-one nature, a TURBOLAB can simplify the process when looking at vacuum equipment, allowing valuable time to be spent on other parts of the lab.


Once again, the TURBOLAB can be used in most applications where stand-alone turbo pumps are used. This includes vacuum furnaces, e-beam welding, coating, and more.

A turn-key turbo system can be useful in situations where vacuum needs to be added to an existing system design. Problems can arise when vacuum needs to be added into a production process or the market demands that vacuum is needed on a product where vacuum was not previously used. In these situations, a TURBOLAB system can relatively easily be incorporated into a design, as it has its own controller and mount for the turbo pump

Data logging features also allow for the TURBOLAB to track data during production, which can be a big advantage for industrial applications.


Shared labs

Many universities, and other research centers, have large, shared lab spaces where many instruments are shared between research groups. In some cases, not all of these instruments need to be operated at the same time. This is where the flexibility of a TURBOLAB can shine.

A TURBOLAB on a cart can be wheeled over and connected to the system that needs to be run at that moment and connected via vacuum hose. The necessary experiments can be run, and then the TURBOLAB can be disconnected and moved to the next system that needs high-vacuum conditions.

This blog just touches on the applications where a TURBOLAB can be used. If you have questions or need additional information, our team of vacuum experts is ready to help!

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