Composing CVS central vacuum system

Central Vacuum Systems

Building strong vacuum networks for energy-saving operations

Central vacuum systems

When several production machines are used for the same process, it is highly recommended to supply them with a central vacuum system (CVS) through a vacuum network, rather than having individual pumps connected on each machine. One of the conditions is that the vacuum level required is the same for each machine, but this is often the case. Pumps can be switched on and off, and their speed also controlled up and down according to the exact need at a given time resulting in energy saving, often higher than 50% compared to fixed speed pumps connected individually. 

Other benefits of CVS are:

  • Removing all emissions from production area (noise, heat, oil)
  • Providing redundancy for production (no production stop in case of pump downtime)
  • Making maintenance operations easier 

Our frequency driven range of products particularly fit the requirement of central vacuum systems:

  • VACUBE - Oil-sealed screw pump
  • NDi - Dry screw pump NOVADRY systems
  • CPi – Dry claw pump CLAWVAC systems

With our control solution Multi-VAControl and VAControl CAB, efficiency of fixed speed pumps can also be improved.

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