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CLAWVAC System Family

CLAWVAC system

Rough vacuum dry pump systems

The new standard for rough vacuum applications in the general industry

The CLAWVAC system of dry claw pumps is a robust solution of smartly linked modules to form a highly variable and efficient system. Each system is made of 2, 3 or 4 CLAWVAC CP 300 to form a turnkey package ready to install for your process. CLAWVAC systems are ideal where your application requires a high level of redundancy and robustness that can be controlled smartly.

User advantages

Ultimate pressure of 150 mbar

Smart control of redundancy

Corrosion-resistant pumping chamber with stainless steel claws

Simple and easy to clean on-site

No environmental oil contamination

CLAWVAC System - Reliable strength in numbers

Plug and pump

  • Easy to install:
    • Robust frame with forklift compatibility for ease of transportation and maneuvering
    • Comes fully assembled, connected, and wired. Just connect to the electrical power
    • No additional piping required: All condensate drains are connected to be evacuated outside the pump system
  • Fully air-cooled: no requirement for expensive cooling water
  • Everything is included, nothing to add:
    • Pumps
    • Isolation valves at the inlet of each pump
    • Inlet internal piping
    • Exhaust piping
    • Exhaust silencer
    • Condensate drains piping
  • Integrated frequency converter

Harshest applications ready

  • All the benefits of multiple CLAWVAC CP 300, in 1 box. Check our CLAWVAC page for more details
  • Replaces big liquid ring vacuum pumps in many applications

Improves your energy efficiency

  • Designed to be more efficient than other technologies like dry vane vacuum pumps or liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Runs on integrated frequency converter: pump only what is required. This can generate energy saving.

Extended uptime

  • Up to 20,000 hours between oil changes
  • Major overhauls extended to 48,000 hours
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel claws
  • Corrosion resistant coated pumping chambers

Easy maintenance

  • Quick access to pumps thanks to removable service panels and sliding “drawer” design of the internal frame
  • Oil change is very accessible on each pump: quick and easy
  • In case of process deposits, the vacuum generators can be opened to be cleaned in a few minutes

IoT Ready

The CLAWVAC System comes with a built-in controller.
With this controller:

  • Program which days and hours the pump is running
  • Program maintenance interval and reminders
  • Connect the pump to your LAN
  • Connect the pump to our cloud-based solution GENIUS for optimal pump monitoring

Silent vacuum

  • Strong frame to avoid vibrations
  • Closed steel canopy with sound insulation material
  • Additional silencer at the exhaust of the pump system

CLAWVAC System can replace your big liquid ring vacuum pumps

Thanks to its unique design, CLAWVAC System combined with the right Leybold accessories can replace a liquid ring vacuum pump in many processes. Switching to our dry technology, you will generate many improvements:

  • Huge cost savings: no water consumption, no water treatment anymore
  • Lower power consumption than comparable liquid ring pumps
  • Stable process performance, independent from water temperature
  • Better environmental impact of your industrial plant, as water is becoming a valuable asset in many parts of the world.

For more than 1200m³/h, multiple CLAWVAC System can be connected together.

CLAWVAC System CP600i


CPi 600


CPi 900


CPi 1200

Pumping speed 50 Hz  m³/h 44 - 604 44 - 874 44 - 1144
Ultimate vacuum  mbar 150 150 150
Noise level   dB (A) 74 73 73
Motor power kW 1.2 - 14 1.2 - 20.5 1.2 - 27
Weight kg 1096 1521 1821
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1420 x 984 x 1980 1420 x 1639 x 1980 1420 x 1639 x 1980
Inlet   DN 80 DN 100 DN 100
Outlet   DN 80 DN 100 DN 100

Find more technical data in our online shop.


PDF    8.5 MB

  • Food Processing
    • Bottling
    • Dairy products (e.g. milking)
    • Vacuum conveying (e.g. in slaughterhouse)
    • Beverage production
  • Food Packaging
    • Thermoforming of foil container
    • Tray sealing
    • Modified Oxygen Packaging (MAP)
  • Woodworking
    • Holding & lifting
    • CNC router
    • Drying & impregnation
  • Material Transport & Holding
    • Print & paper (press & post-press)
    • Vacuum conveying
    • Vacuum clamping
  • Degassing
    • Li-battery slurry
    • Ceramics & bricks
  • Thermoforming
    • Deep drawing e.g. of bath tubs
  • Plastic Industry
    • Composite manufacturing
    • Granulate conveying
    • Extruder degassing (e.g. PP, PE, PS)
    • Gluing
  • Environmental Engineering
    • Sewage degassing
    • Biogas production
    • Soil remediation
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