Leybold VAControl

Smart data management for vacuum technology

Smart data management for vacuum technology

Leybold VAControl – intelligent process control for better product quality and more efficiency

In research and industry, it is getting more and more important for users of vacuum systems to be able to control individual pumps and to use their operating data. Vacuum specialist Leybold has developed a controller precisely for this purpose. With the Multi-VAControl, users have a solution to control, monitor and synchronise pumps in central vacuum systems as well as in Roots pump systems. This enables them to comprehensively control the pumps, provide data for quality management and intelligently manage their energy consumption.

Smart control of vacuum performance
Especially against the background of scarce resources and rising prices, customers are increasingly demanding smart control of their vacuum performance. The Multi-VAControl prepares the relevant pump data and meaningful KPIs for these cases. At a glance, the status of the vacuum pumps, important performance data and the efficiency of the entire system are shown on a display. Additional use-specific functions can be integrated as required. With this data, processes can be monitored, controlled and optimised in real time.

Maximum uptime, high production quality
Based on real-time data and programmed warnings, maintenance can also be carried out as needed, eliminating unplanned process and maintenance costs. If approved by the customer, Leybold Service teams access the VAControl remotely and provide rapid support for necessary updates, optimisations and diagnostics. This ultimately ensures maximum uptime and high production quality of the systems.

Control via various interfaces and devices
"Because of this requirement profile, the focus during the development of the Multi-VAControl was primarily on customer benefits and user-friendliness," explains the product manager Niels Gorrebeeck. For these user benefits, the system records important pump data, such as the pressure values. Then the encrypted data is transmitted to authorised users either locally, via remote connectivity or via cloud. Control can be done directly via various interfaces and devices. With the VAControl, the energy consumption of vacuum processes is also continuously recorded and made transparent. In order to minimise the total energy consumption of a system, the load of the vacuum pumps can be regulated by the controller in such a way that pumps are only switched on when necessary and then run at the required minimum power.

Installation and operation is straightforward and intuitive
Installation and operation of the Leybold controller via the user interface is straightforward and intuitive – the pump manual is stored so that it is always at hand for operators. Subsequent integration of additional pumps into the system is easy and can also be done at any time after commissioning. Moreover, the Multi-VAControl can also be used with pumps and systems from other manufacturers. The bottom line is that its functionality is versatile and oriented towards the needs of modern vacuum systems – all applications and processes from the fields of research & development and industry can be intelligently controlled with it. Customers can use the controller to maximise the efficiency, service life and reliability of their systems while keeping overall life cycle costs low.

The Multi-VAControl is suitable for many areas of application, for example:
Central Vacuum solutions typically in Food Processing, Packaging, general industry, thermoforming, glass.

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