TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pumps
DIJ Oil Diffusion Pumps
The Origin of Vacuum

TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pumps

best pumping performance on ISO 63, 100 and 160 flange size. Easiest pump integration, operation and control thanks to flexible housing and electronic options (and a wide range of accessories).

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Use our online vacuum calculator to simulate systems of pumps, components and chambers. Discover what's possible with Leybold's products.

High purity for best performance

Specially designed oil for diffusion pumps

LEYBONOL LVO 521 is our new high-purity, high-quality silicone oil solution for your diffusion pump.

Oil Diffusion Pumps

Most innovative design for best performance and efficiency

High efficient vacuum pumps from Leybold, best suited for industrial high vacuum applications.

The Origin of Vacuum

Since 1850, Leybold vacuum technology, solutions and services have influenced a multitude of modern manufacturing processes. Vacuum refines surfaces, helps to communicate and to stay healthy, makes life easier and lets you travel around the world quickly and efficiently.