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Topics such as diversity, corporate responsibility, work-life balance, and personal development are focus areas of our corporate culture. We want to create a comfortable workplace. We want our employees to enjoy working for us, because we are aware of our social responsibility and they have the chance to shape their own career. Find out here, why you should join us as part of a listed group.


Motivated and committed employees have many faces. We listen to fresh ideas from new colleagues. At the same time, we like to benefit from the experience of colleagues with more professional experience.
Due to our wide range of fields of activity and entry opportunities, the backgrounds of our colleagues are different. Despite different views and characters, we all work together in the same direction and on the same level to be among the best in the world.

At Leybold we know that diversity and inclusion are critical to our long-term success. We know that diversity and inclusion help us understand our customers’ needs and strengthen employee motivation, productivity, innovation and results. After all, our customers and markets are diverse too and have different demands, which we must recognize and meet. We always see new colleagues as enrichment, because everyone makes their own contribution.


Corporate Responsibility

We take corporate responsibility not only for our employees in the company, but also for our environment. Leybold improves internal processes in the production areas as well as in everyday office work.

For example, we deal with energy management and are certified according to ISO 50001. Last year, we were able to reduce our energy consumption by investing in state-of-the-art technology.

Corporate responsibility

Work-Life Balance

All our employees play an essential role in the success of a company. That is why we support them, for example with flexible working time models, to carry out their work with us to the fullest extent and to reconcile it with their life situation. It is also important to us that mothers and fathers are able to reconcile their parental responsibilities with their professional lives.

We want our employees to feel valued. Therefore, we celebrate our success with company events such as a Christmas party. But the health of our employees is also extremely important to us. For this reason, we offer health weeks where this topic is in focus.

The canteen at the Cologne site offers our employees a salad bar, hot lunch and even a choice of breakfast. This allows our employees to concentrate fully on their work, because the next break(s) are guaranteed.

Special situations sometimes require individual solutions - if that is the case, we will find a way.

Work life balance

Personal Development

We have a strong learning culture and we learn continuously with and from each other. We want to give our employees the opportunity to develop personally, so that they can take on everyday and special challenges in professional life with a good feeling.

We encourage our employees to act independently, so that they can recognize and develop their strengths and use them in the most suitable position. We believe that each individual has his or her own career in his or her own hands. That's why we also enable new career opportunities in our global network of companies within the Atlas Copco Group.

Personal development


We have numerous locations around the world. Thanks to digital technology, we are optimally connected with all colleagues at other locations. Our large sales and partner network further promotes our internationality.

Our affiliation with the Atlas Cocpo Group also enables us to maintain business relations all over the world. We are happy to offer our employees international mobility, as we believe that this opens up new and profitable perspectives that benefit the company.


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