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Composing DIJ Oil Diffusion Pumps


Oil diffusion pumps

High vacuum pumps with high gas-throughput and pumping speed

Leybold DIJ series of oil diffusion pumps are high vacuum pumps (<10-2 mbar) featuring an advanced design with innovative heater system, special body construction, and a five-stage nozzle system for faster pump down of the process chamber, reduced energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint.

The DIJ series provide an improved gas throughput and stable high vacuum pressure in the range of < 10-2 mbar. The pumping speed ranges from 3,000 l/s to 33,000 l/s in an operating range of < 5 x 10-1 to 10-7 mbar.

The DIJ features an advanced new heating concept, a powerful five-stage nozzle system, variable flange connections, a multitude of electrical connection options including the Energy Efficiency Controller (EEC), fully equipped with fore-line baffles and cold cap baffles. The DIJ five-stage system design provides excellent performance. Four diffusion pump stages for the high pumping speed and one ejector stage for high gas throughput at pressures of <10-2 mbar and a high fore-vacuum stability. The variants with EEC offer added energy efficiency resulting in further energy savings and a lower carbon footprint.

Leybold DIJ oil diffusion pumps require little maintenance - no wear caused by revolving parts - easy to operate. The DIJ series is impressive with its innovative and highly energy-efficient construction. 

User advantages

Five-stage nozzle system

Cold cap baffle and fore vacuum baffle

Innovative heating concept

Different flanges (ANSI/ISO)

Various electrical connection opportunities to meet customers requirements

Energy Efficiency Control

DIJ Family

Key Facts

Pumping speed 3.000 to 33.000 l/s

Operating range < 10-1 to 10-7 mbar

Optimal pumping speed in a pressure range of < 10-3 mbar

The DIJ line offers

  • Stable high vacuum
  • High pumping speed
  • High gas-throughput
  • Safe and economical design
  • CE-compliant electronics
  • Easy to operate
  • Maintenance-friendly design for quick and easy replacement of heating elements
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Flexible electrical wiring for worldwide use
  • Innovative energy efficiency control (EEC) 

DIJ benefits at a glance

The DIJ line offers a wide range of beneficial features for an optimal integration in your applications.


Innovative heating concept

Unique, innovative heating concept that utilizes advanced heater cartridges with large heat exchange surface for an optimized energy transfer into the oil. Effective temperature monitoring protects the system against overheating. The insulated heater area ensures minimum energy losses.

  • Minimum stress and long lifetime for heaters and oil
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Flanged heaters, easy to exchange

Five-stage nozzle system

The DIJ pumps are equipped with a new five-stage nozzle system.  Four pump stages guarantee high pumping speed at low pressures and lead to a low range of high vacuum. The ejector stage leads to a high fore-vacuum stability and optimized gas-throughput.

  • High gas-throughput and pumping speed
  • Integrated cold cap baffle for minimal oil-backstreaming

Different flanges (ANSI/ISO)

Choice of flange variants for improved connectivity

  • ANSI / Inch flanges (O-ring sealed)
  • ISO-F or ISO-K flanges (centering O-ring sealed)

Cold cap baffle and fore vacuum baffle

To prevent fluid from flowing back into the vacuum chamber, the DIJ series pumps are fitted with our process-proven cold cap baffle and an optimized fore-vacuum baffle.

  • Innovative, new foreline baffle for reduced oil losses
  • Better process parameters
  • Reduced oil back streaming

Energy Efficiency Control

Energy savings up to 30% without loss of pump performance

Oil diffusion pumps require a certain minimum oil temperature for operation. Without a controller, 100% of the installed heating power is constantly utilized to heat the oil. Leybold’s innovative energy efficiency controller for diffusion pumps cuts power consumption by up to 30% as the supplied power is significantly reduced after the pump has attained its operating temperature. Further savings result from the utilization of the standby mode at a reduced temperature. 

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased uptime of the oil and the heating cartridges
  • Excellent operating convenience and simple to use
  • Simple, visual monitoring of the parameters
  • USB Interface and Ethernet connectivity
    DIJ 10 DIJ 320 DIJ 16 DIJ 500 DIJ 20 DIJ 630 DIJ 32 DIJ 800 DIJ 35 DIJ 1000
High vacuum   10'' ANSI 320 ISO-K 16'' ANSI 500 ISO-K 20'' ANSI 630 ISO-K 32'' ANSI 800 ISO-F 35'' ANSI 1000 ISO-F
fore vacuum connection   2'' ANSI 63 ISO-K 3'' ANSI 100 ISO-K 4'' ANSI 160 ISO-K 6'' ANSI 200 ISO-K 6'' ANSI 200 ISO-K
Pumping speed for    

Air < 8 x 10-4mbar

l/s 3000 6800 10800 21000 33000

Argon < 1 x 10-4 mbar

l/s 2750 6350 9500 18000 26000
Operating range  mbar < 10-1 - 10-7  < 10-1 - 10-7  < 10-1 - 10-7  < 10-1 - 10-6 < 10-1 - 10-6
Ultimate total pressure  mbar < 5 · 10-7 < 5 · 10-7 < 5 · 10-7 < 1 · 10-6 < 1 · 10-6
Mains voltage    3 ~ 400V /N/PE 3 ~ 400V /N/PE 3 ~ 400V /N/PE 3 ~ 400V /N/PE 3 ~ 400V /N/PE
depending on variant, 50/60Hz   3 ~ 460V /N/PE 3 ~ 460V /N/PE 3 ~ 460V /N/PE 3 ~ 460V /N/PE 3 ~ 460V /N/PE
Heating power kW 3,6 7,2 10,8 21,5 21,5
Weight, approx. kg 95 152 230 570 610
Oil diffusion/Oil Vapor Jet Pumps

PDF    979.4 kB

Oil diffusion pumps from DIJ series are well-suited for operation in industrial applications:

  • Vacuum coating
  • Metallurgy
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Vacuum drying
  • Space simulation
  • Research and development
  • Mechanical engineering
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