Vacuum pump symbols used in vacuum technology diagrams

Here you will find the key to the symbols used in the vacuum pump diagrams throughout the Leybold Knowledge section. The symbols represent specific vacuum pump types or pump parts and are used in combination to portray vacuum pump systems. Symbols are organized according to category and include vacuum pump accessories, vacuum valve symbols, connections, and gauges. An understanding of these symbols is highly beneficial when working with our vacuum calculation tool.

All symbols, with the exception of those marked with ** do not depend on the position.

(** These symbols may only be used in the position shown here (tip of the angle pointing down).

The symbols for vacuum pumps should always be arranged such that the side with the constriction is allocated to the higher pressure.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum symbols table

Vacuum chambers

Vacuum symbols table

Modes of operation

Vacuum symbols table

Connections and piping

Vacuum symbols table


Vacuum symbols table

Measurement and gauges

Vacuum symbols table

Shut-off devices

Vacuum symbols table
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