Industrial Applications

By "industrial applications" we mean a wide range of production processes that require vacuum technology.

By "industrial applications" we mean a wide range of production processes that require vacuum technology. The common denominator of these applications such as steel degassing, heat treatment or vacuum drying is their use of pumps in challenging industrial type environments. They need to handle “more than just air” and must cope with this. Exactly what our industrial pumps are made for.

  • Heat Treatment

    One of the drivers in the field of vacuum furnaces is the ever-increasing demand for high-quality metal parts from the aerospace and automotive industries. These sectors demand modern components that are capable of meeting the highest standards. These standards can usually only be achieved by heat treatment under vacuum. 

    Unexpected furnace downtimes cause high production costs, as the production steps are usually designed according to the just-in-time model. The various heat treatment  applications present different challenges for the vacuum systems used. 

    Since 1850, our customers worldwide rely on our experience and expertise. Leybold  offers the best vacuum technology for every heat treatment application.

  • Metallurgy / Steel Degassing

    Secondary steelmaking involves refining of the crude steel coming from the primary metallurgy production steps. The various operations are normally carried out in ladles. In secondary metallurgy, alloying agents are added, dissolved gases in the steel are lowered, the carbon content is reduced and inclusions are removed or altered chemically to ensure that high-quality steel is produced after casting. Many process steps are performed under vacuum which is necessary to ensure highest steel quality levels.
    The traditionally utilized steam-ejector vacuum systems are today more and more displaced by the clearly more energy saving and environmental friendly mechanical vacuum systems. By the development of extreme robust dry compressing screw vacuum pumps which are combined with Roots-type booster pumps, mechanical vacuum systems reached the required reliability level to enable highest steel production yields.

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

    The energy transformation we strive for is a major technical challenge, but green energy generated by photovoltaic and wind power plants is not adapted to current energy needs. Surplus energy requires high-quality intermediate storage facilities in order to provide generated energy that’s in line with demand. There’s a growing demand for storage solutions such as large Li-ion batteries, flywheels and hydrogen cells.  
    Electromobility also requires efficient energy and energy storage solutions in order to increase its attractiveness through longer distances and lower production costs. For these reasons, current Li-ion and hydrogen fuel cells are undergoing continuous development. Intensive technological research and its resulting development has led to Li-ion cells now being the dominant technology in the field of e-mobility, and the fuel cells are increasingly coming into focus. All these technologies pass through vacuum-assisted production steps which require a specific vacuum solutions. Leybold products are adapted to all relevant manufacturing steps and offer the right solution for the most diverse requirements. 

     - Electrode production
     - Cell Assembly
     - Cell Finishing
     - Battery recycling