Research and Development

High Energy Physics

Knowing what the world is made of.

High Energy Physics (HEP), also known as particle physics, studies what the world is made of. From its basic nature to an overall view, so from the smallest particle to the vastness that is space. HEP wants to understand the interactions between these particles.

In many research centers storage rings are joined to accumulate a high beam current and accelerate to higher energies. Highest energies are achieved today at the LHC ring at CERN in Geneva (LHC = Large Hadron Collider). 

Many storage rings use the Synchrotron light generated in electron storage rings as a brilliant source of Radiation e.g. for material science. While linear accelerators require at least high vacuum pressures, the storage rings need ultra-high vacuum, in very large machines 10-11 mbar or below!

Leybold offers excellent knowledge on the material and equipment behavior in hard radiation and within strong magnetic fields. This is mandatory to generate and maintain the insulation vacuum of very large superconducting magnets and to safeguard the required leak tightness.