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Leybold offers VARODRY VDi system for industrial vacuum processes

Intelligent control VAControl CAB provides smart performance management and high energy efficiency

In industrial vacuum processes, the requirements for smart performance management and energy efficiency are constantly increasing. For more intelligence, variability and efficiency in coating, drying and heat treatment processes, vacuum specialist Leybold has therefore developed the VARODRY VDi vacuum system with integrated VAControl CAB control. The pump systems of the new series consist of the air-cooled, oil-free VARODRY screw pumps, the dry-compressing Roots pumps of the RUVAC series as well as the VAControl CAB control for smart management of all pump processes.

Dry vacuum solutions, high pumping speed, lots of flexibilit

"In concrete terms, users today expect dry, flexible vacuum solutions with a high pumping speed. Therefore, quick and uncomplicated adjustment possibilities of the vacuum performance to the respective process conditions are necessary," says the responsibleProduct Manager, Dennis Schröder, outlining the requirement profile. Schröder adds that,

especially with rising energy prices, customers do not want to worry about unplanned process and maintenance costs. To meet their profitability and sustainability goals, the energy and resource consumption should therefore be as low as possible and calculable. 

Accelerated pump-down process, maximum pumping speed

To achieve this, the VDi system can be configured by the operator according to the process requirements: This allows users to set their own vacuum capacities as needed to match the pump-down process and the pumping speed. Another advantage: To protect against critical gases and particles, the VARODRY VDi vacuum system can be equipped with gas ballast and purge gas. This increases the service life and system availability. In some application environments where steam or dust is present, additional filter options ensure an uninterrupted vacuum supply. Additional energy savings and even wear are ensured by the Energy Saver Kit.

VAControl CAB control offers intelligent functions

More intelligence in the applications is provided by the heart of the system - the integrated VAControl CAB control system specially programmed by Leybold. With its smart software functions, the processes can be controlled and optimised in a user-friendly way. Users can choose between local, remote or cloud connectivity. Different authorisation levels can be created for the individual user accounts. 

High transparency, optimum quality

During the vacuum processes, all pump data is recorded and stored. The operating logs, which can be viewed at any time, provide maximum transparency for users and ultimately ensure high production and product quality. The powerful computer generates maintenance and service recommendations depending on use - some of the maintenance,  such as changing the belt on the VARODRY, can be carried out by the operator himself. "The software updates are available for download from Leybold. Many additional software options are planned for the future“, assures Product Manager Dennis Schröder. 

With these features, the VARODRY VDi system with integrated VAControl CAB is suitable for the following areas of application, for example:

- Optical coatings for spectacle lenses; decorative coatings for bathroom fittings

- Cryogenic pump regeneration

- Lithium-ion battery production

- Transformer and high voltage component manufacturing

- Composite applications where the resin is degassed

- Use in heat treatment furnaces to improve the material properties of metals.

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