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Vacuum pumps and systems for the metallurgical industry. The right vacuum equipment for heat treatment and the production of high-quality steels and alloys.

Vacuum solutions for the metallurgical industry

Metallurgy is a wide application field, which covers the production and processing of metals. Vacuum processes in secondary metallurgy and heat treatment play an important role in the industry because they improve the properties of metals and metal alloys, such as their strength, toughness, ductility, and hardness. Producing metals with specific properties is crucial for many of today’s high-tech industries such as e.g., automotive, aviation, chemistry or nuclear which require highest reliability of products and structures made from metals.

Reliable vacuum for metallurgy

Vacuum pumps and solutions for this application can be split into 3 big groups:

The vacuum environment inside a heat treatment furnace ensures a controlled atmosphere. This reduces the risk of oxidation or other forms of degradation during the heat treatment. As a result, the final products are of the highest quality, with improved mechanical and physical properties.

Secondary metallurgy steel degassing processes require vacuum systems with huge pumping speeds and a strong resistance against metal or metal-oxide dust. Vacuum degassed steels excel by their low hydrogen and carbon content. 

The Special metallurgy field covers a wider range of secondary metallurgy processes. These processes are used to produce high-grade steels or special metals as Titanium or Niobium.

In processes as Vacuum induction melting (VIM) or Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) the special metals are e.g. purified, decarburized or alloyed under deep vacuum. This way, metal alloys with special properties and the desired crystal and phase structure can be obtained.



Vacuum technology plays an important role in metallurgical processes. It helps to produce high-grade metals and provides the needed contaminant-free environment during heat treatment.

Each metallurgical process offers specific challenges for the used vacuum pumps. 

Leybold is a market leader in vacuum solutions for the metallurgical industry, through deep partnerships with OEMs and directly with end users. We offer a comprehensive and versatile vacuum solutions portfolio focusing on innovative dry technologies.

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