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Architectural coatings


From wear protection on mechanical components to the coating of optical components or the metallization of plastic surfaces: all these processes take place under vacuum conditions.

Coatings are used to enhance the properties of the coated materials

Examples are:

  • Architectural glass (thermal insulation and/or protection against the sun’s rays), 
  • Eyeglass lenses (prevent glare or scratching, also called optical coating),
  • Laser mirrors (intensify the reflection of light or radiation) or tools (wear protection).

None of these would be possible without vacuum technology and specially designed vacuum products.

Based on many years of experience, we offer the optimal and production proven solutions for both batch, cluster and inline systems.

The Leybold products are optimized for the special circumstances and requirements of coating processes such as particle accumulation, high gas throughput and fast pump-out times.

In addition to the diffusion, cryogenic and turbomolecular pumps for high vacuum generation, we offer dry and oil-lubricated backing vacuum systems.

With the help of simulation programs we can support you with the design of complex systems.

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