High vacuum pumping station

One basic design... various options and features: define the pumping station that best suits your application.

The ideal pumping stations for many high vacuum applications within laboratories and R&D projects
  • High energy physics / accelerators
  • High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum systems
  • Analytics
  • Surface science
  • Industrial vacuum applications
  • Small coating processes
  • Custom mass spectrometers and leak detectors
  • Residual gas analyzers


Tabletop unit designed for entry-level applications that require a clean, dry, stable high and ultra-high vacuum.

The TURBOLAB Core is cost efficient and easy to use, it incorporates a turbomolecular pump and a backing pump together with a simple controller, all 3 fitted on a robust baseplate, making it one of the best solutions for most general laboratory needs.

Thanks to its small footprint, low vibrations and noise level the TURBOLAB Core can easily be integrated in your working environment.

  • Turbomolecular pump: a choice of TURBOVAC 90 i or TURBOVAC 250 i  depending on your pumping speed requirements.
  • Fore vacuum pumps:
    • The SCROLLVAC 3S plus oil-free scroll vacuum pump: produces higher pumping speeds of 3 m³/h with comparable power consumption. Comes with a fitted inlet valve protecting the pump in a power failure as well as exhaust filter. Oil-free technology requires fewer maintenance intervals, and fully replaceable parts help to extend lifetime and minimise outages.
    • The DIVAC 1.4 diaphragm pump with pumping speeds of 1.4 m³/h.
  • Controller: User friendly interface
    • Displays gauge pressure or turbopump speed.
    • A single start/stop button for the entire pumping station.
    • Both the operation and the control of the TURBOLAB Core are intuitive and user-friendly - the controller also serves as a speed and pressure display. Optionally, the TURBOVAC i as well as the backing pump DIVAC can be started up with a time delay or pressure-dependent.
  • Optional accessories


Compact, fully assembled and ready-to-operate bench top solution

Extensive customization with all models prepared for worldwide voltage coverage.

Easy to relocate the pump away from the frame and on your chamber

  • Turbomolecular pump: TURBOVAC i including frequency converter
  • Fore vacuum pump: DIVAC 3.0 diaphragm pump
  • Backlight Display For control, configuration and monitoring of the pump system: TURBO.POWER unit.
  • Built-in support for accessories: Dedicated ports for the connection of six different accessories and two gauges
    • Purge, Vent, Air cooling, Flange heater and foreline safety valve
    • Two pressure gauges (1000 mbar to  1x 10-9 mbar)
  • Built-in Webserver
    • Condition monitoring
    • Data analysis
    • Software updates
    • Control, monitor and configure your TURBOLAB system
  • Remote control
    • via the X1 Interface
    • Configurable X1 Digital/Analog I/O
    • Start/Stop
    • Error
    • Warning
    • Analog output
TURBOLAB 350 table top pumping station


When you need to easily move your pumping station around

TURBOLAB 90 to 450 i carts:
  • Same Turbomolecular pump sizes and accessory/gauge connections as the bench top version.
  • Fore vacuum pumps: you have the choice between dry SCROLLVAC or a wet (TRIVAC or SOGEVAC) pump types and sizes to suit your specific needs.

TURBOLAB 850/950 i:

  • Turbomolecular pump: TURBOVAC 850 i or 950 i models
  • Backing pump: ECODRY 35 plus
  • Backlight Display for control, configuration and monitoring of the pump system: TURBO.CONTROL i unit 
  • Built-in support for accessories
    • No flange heater
    • One additional pressure gauge.
  • Remote control
    • The TURBO.CONTROL i has two communication channels (RS 485 & USB) to the pump control and provides the possibility of attaching up to two measuring gauges. 
    • You can connect a remote computer via the integrated Ethernet port to the web server of the TURBO.CONTROL i. and use the installed internet browser to control and monitor the pump. 
    • The recorded data can be displayed and evaluated by means of the external tool DataViewer.
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TURBOLAB Core digital brochure
TURBOLAB pump systems

PDF    745.4 kB

TURBOLAB 850/950 datasheet

PDF    357.3 kB

TURBOLAB Core digital brochure
TURBOLAB pump systems

PDF    745.4 kB

TURBOLAB 850/950 datasheet

PDF    357.3 kB