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TWISTER substrate stage

Research and Development made easy

The fully in-house manufactured TWISTER™ substrate stage is the next step to integrate innovative, robust, and reliable technology into your UNIVEX system or any other coating chamber you may be operating already.

Tailored solutions for specific applications

In order to ensure a successful and reproducible coating process, we developed a turnable, heatable substrate stage allowing great homogeneities and coating quality.

To meet your different needs, we offer a modular system that consists of three main versions:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Full featured

From which we can derive 576 possible variants!

Modular system

Based on its modular principle, the TWISTER™ substrate stage is a typical upgradable device which only requires additional pneumatic clamps in case a load lock is added. If cooling is needed, just exchange the heating plate with a combined heating + cooling plate.

Precise handling for accurate results

  • Uniform and homogeneous thin films thanks to accurate rotating of the substrate
  • Optional Z-shift to adjust the substrate's distance to the coating sources and for load lock handovers
  • Flexibility of the substrate plates with diameters of up to 6 inches
  • Improved layer quality by heating up to 400 °C
  • Optional water cooling:
    • Protects sensitive substrates like foils and OLED materials
    • Quicker cooldown and subsequent processing
  • Easily exchangeable coating shield for cleaning
  • Included position control
  • Possible upgrade of most existing lab coating devices
TWISTER - substrate stage for vacuum coating systems
TWISTER™ substrate stage
TWISTER™ substrate stage