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Great losses are great lessons the LeyboldCARE origin story

November 1, 2021


The LeyboldCARE program demonstrates our commitment to our customers' satisfaction and success. Purchasers of Leybold pumps can collaborate with our service department to create a LeyboldCARE agreement. In each case, the agreement depends upon the customer's unique needs. We extend the life of our high-quality products even longer by keeping an eye on the products we made after they've been installed. Through the LeyboldCARE program, we seek to develop a relationship of trust and partnership with our clients. 

How was LeyboldCARE born

Tom Mooney, Leybold's Service Sales Business Development Manager, recently shared his take on LeyboldCARE. Tom has been serving with Leybold since 1983, and he has served in this management role for two years. When he stepped into this position, Tom sought out some of our most esteemed customers to pioneer the LeyboldCARE program. He discussed with us the development of this program and some of the ups and downs he faced along the way. 

At the time when this story began, about three years ago, a Leybold aviation customer had about 150 vacuum pumps in their facility. For a while, they were sending their pumps directly to Leybold for repair. For various reasons, the customer chose a different company to service their pumps and contracted with a third-party vacuum repair company. 

Atlas Copco, the parent company of Leybold, received a call from the same aviation customer in the U.S. Midwest region who was seeking help for repairs. Atlas Copco suggested Leybold for service since the client owned several Leybold pumps, but they replied that they had tried Leybold before and wanted to go elsewhere. The client, the same aviation company, was planning to invest $20,000 worth of equipment and tooling to have Leybold pumps repaired in a different facility.  

Tom Mooney describes feeling consternation about this situation, believing that if Leybold had handled things better in the past, we would have had a better relationship with the client at the time. Tom reached out to the quality engineer at the facility and requested a meeting to discuss some possibilities. The quality engineer left the door open to further the relationship and sent two to three pumps to Leybold for repairs. The result? He liked what he saw. 

Together, Tom and the quality engineer created LeyboldCARE. These were the customer's top priorities: 

  • A fair price 

  • A reasonable turnaround time 

  • Findings reports (transparency on what the service workers found when they opened up the pump) 

  • Testing for their specific type of pump

LeyboldCARE was born out of this agreement.

There is a Leybold professional who lives in the U.S. Midwest region, about 45 minutes away from the aviation facility. Our field service visits the site every month to inspect the equipment. He identifies preventative maintenance and is also able to provide Leybold's insight into existing problems that the customer is dealing with. These monthly visits have strengthened the relationship between Leybold and the customer. 

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Benefits of the LeyboldCARE agreement

The LeyboldCARE agreement allows the pump to stay in service, and it keeps our customer's budget in check. It's easier for the quality engineer to get financial approval to make repairs than it is to buy new equipment, so it's a win-win for both companies.

This aviation client has added another facility as part of the service agreement. They've also named Leybold their supplier of choice as they begin replacing older equipment. 

The LeyboldCARE program is completely customizable according to a company's needs. We always aim to meet our customer's individualized needs and to maximize their use of our products. Click the button below to learn more about LeyboldCARE and to request a customized service agreement of your own, with perks that include 20% discount on all parts and oil and extended warranty repairs. 

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