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Small dry pumps

Scroll, multi-stage roots and diaphragm pump technology for many applications

User advantages

No contamination or reaction possible between the process gas and the operating fluid

Environmentally friendly

Energy efficient pumps

Improved reliability

Lower total cost of ownership over time thanks to lower maintenance and repair (labor and parts) costs

Meet regulatory requirements for emissions standards

Reduced noise levels

Consistent performance: no fluids and a very simple mechanism with 2 rotating components inside of the vacuum pump

DIVAC: Diaphragm vacuum pumps

The smallest dry pumps available in our portfolio with maximum pumping speed ranges from 0.6 m³/h to 4.8 m³/h.

This range was developed especially for laboratory operations and as backing pumps for (wide range) turbomolecular pumps. It satisfies the highest expectations in terms of precision, reliability, and ease of use.

ECODRY plus: Dry-compressing multistage roots vacuum pumps

Specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments, such as analysis and research laboratories. 

They deliver stable vacuum performance for years without maintenance!

SCROLLVAC plus: Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps

Providing a flexible, robust, and simple vacuum solution.

It is highly suitable for use across a wide spectrum of applications from general laboratory, light industrial and research applications to some chemical applications.