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Composing OB oil diffusion pumps


Oil vapor ejector pumps

Oil vapor ejector pumps are robust oil booster pumps with high pumping speed and gas-throughput

Leybold OB series of oil vapor ejector pumps are high vacuum booster pumps for harsh process industry applications featuring a combination of Jet- and Diffusion-stages to achieve high pumping speed and gas throughput combined with high vacuum backing pressure resistance.

The pumping speed ranges from 6,000 to 18,000 l/s in an operating pressure range of 6x10-1 to < 10-5mbar. They are ideally suited for processes where you need pumping speed and gas-throughputs, which could not be covered by mechanical booster pumps. The direct heating concept ensures a fast heat-up time and the large oil volume a long standby time. Even dust and dirt have no influence on the OB oil vapor pumps’ vacuum performance.

The design of the oil booster pumps from Leybold is well proven in industrial high vacuum applications. They excel above all through excellent vacuum performance data and are, owing to their rugged design, a reliable component in many medium and high vacuum units. The water-cooled oil booster pumps are ideal for such applications.

User advantages

Four-stage nozzle systems and jet stage

Modular design

Compact design with large oil tank

Direct heater design

Energy Efficiency Control

Oil Diffusion OB Booster 18000

Key Facts

Pumping speed 6.000 to 18.000 l/s

Operating range < 6x10-1 to 10-5 mbar 

Optimal pumping speed in a pressure range of 10-2 to 10-3 mbar 

The OB line offers

  • high pumping speed in a compact format
  • Rugged and long life
  • Selectable flange connections (OB 12,000 and 18,000 only)
  • Small manageable amount of spare parts
  • Pump components (e.g., heating elements, diffusion corpus, jet corpus) are similar for all OB sizes and can be exchanged easily
  • Modern electronic pump monitoring (PLC controlled)
  • High energy efficiency due to direct heating
  • Optimized heating design for long oil change intervals

OB benefits at a glance

The OB oil booster pumps offer features to boost your processes on the next level.


Jet and diffusion stage combination

The special design with several four-stage nozzle systems (diffusion stages) in combination with a jet stage leads to high pumping speeds and gas-throughput in harsh processes.

  • Stable pumping speed in operating pressure ranges
  • High fore vacuum tolerance
  • High gas-throughputs
  • High dirt resistant
  • Fast heat up time 

Modular design

The OB series offers a modular design of the pump stages and jet stage. The different modular stages are usable even if you service one of them

  • Stability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Small manageable amount of spare parts

Small footprint with large oil tank

The OB pumps have a compact design and small footprint with central supply connections. This leads to a simple integrity into your application. The large oil tank supports your process by increasing maintenance intervals

  • Optimal integrity in your application
  • Long service intervals 
  • High dirt resistance


Direct heater design

The direct heater design of the OB series transfers the energy into the oil fluid and ensures a fast heat-up time and low power demand.

  • Long lifetime for oil
  • Easy exchange of heater cartridges 

Energy Efficiency Control

Energy savings up to 30% without pump performance loss

Leybold OB pumps require a certain minimum oil temperature for operation. Without a controller, 100% of the installed heating power is constantly utilized to heat the oil. Leybold’s innovative energy efficiency controller for diffusion pumps cuts power consumption by up to 30% as the supplied power is significantly reduced after the pump has attained its operating temperature. Further savings result from the utilization of the standby mode at a reduced temperature.

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased uptime of the oil and the heating cartridges

Oil vapour boosters from the OB series are well-suited for operation in industrial and rough vacuum applications:

  • Vacuum induction melting
  • Vacuum induction degassing
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