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Controlling vacuum and protecting systems is typically done through valves

Valves are triggered by gauges at specific pressures, or by the pump's rotational speed. We offer an array of different valves to suit all applications and customers requirement.

Small valves micro

The smallest valves we offer.

Available with our three main drive types (pneumatic, electro-pneumatic,  electromagnetic) and with either straight through fitting or at right angles.

The fittings can be adapted to have different connections as needed. The advantage of such a small valve is the ability to build it into small analytical equipment without reducing the conductance.

As with most of our active gauges: we have both analogue 0-10v linear outputs as well as digital communications available.

Micro right angle valve

Right-angle and straight-through valves

Available in DN16-50ISO-KF sizes and DN53-160-K, these bellows sealed valves are used across extensive range systems.

With a wide range of options in terms of drive type, body material and valve body shape, these are typically known as our BAV or BIV valves.

The option to have manual control makes them very suitable for setting up on multiple vacuum systems while running short experiments. The other controlled types of drive makes them suitable for more long term installation as well. 

Straight-through Valve

SECUVAC vacuum safety valves

DN 16 ISO-KF to DN 100 ISO-K

These solenoid right-angle valves have been specially developed to use with rotary vacuum pumps which are not equipped with a built-in anti-suckback valve.

The SECUVAC safety valves protect the vacuum system against unplanned venting via the backing pump in case of a power failure and ensure that the vacuum system remains sealed and under vacuum until the backing pump, after it has restarted, has evacuated the connecting lines.

It can also be used as a venting valve for venting vacuum systems.

SECUVAC special valve

Vacuum locks / sealing valves

Are typically used when sealing evacuated or gas-filled chambers, post-evacuation of vessels, or topping up and exchanging the gas filling in vessels.

A screw-in sealing element with a hex. socket into which the spindle of the gas lock is inserted for actuation has been integrated within the tubulation. After having filled in the gas or evacuated the chamber, the gas lock is detached from the small flange and may thus be reused for an unlimited number of times on other sealing valves.

Vacuum Sealing Valve

Variable leak valves

We have 2 main variants of variable leak valves:

  • Standard versions: gas admission rates of 1000 to 5 x 10-6 mbar x l/s allowing variable leak valves to be used in almost all applications
  • UHV versions: able to control from 500 to 1 x 10-10 mbar x l/s.
Variable Leak Valve

Ball valves

Ball valves are rugged and cost-effective straight-through valves of small size, which are opened or closed simply by operating a lever.

The valve position (OPEN/CLOSED) can be determined from the lever’s position. The lever may be detached.

Ball valves are provided with lubricated gaskets and when open they permit an unobstructed passage with high conductance.

Being leak tight on both sides against atmosphere, they can also be opened against atmospheric pressure.

Ball Valve

UHV all metal valves

The reliable solution for all applications in ultra-high vacuum.

The innovative design and rotatable CF flanges allow for a convenient handling and an easy installation.

The reliability of the valve is achieved by the use of optimal sealing materials. The silver-coated sealing with its very long service life is maintenance-free at more than 1000 cycles.

A mechanical stop prevents the valve from too much torque that might cause damages to the sealing. It also indicates when the valve is fully closed.

For operating the valve a plastic hand wheel and a metal T-handle are available. The advantage of the T-handle is that it is suited for heating processes and does not need to be removed.

UHV all metal valve
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