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UNIVEX for space simulation

UNIVEX space simulation

We get your mission off the ground

Space missions, scientific or commercial satellites, space research projects such as the ESA Rosetta Mission or the NASA Rover expedition to Mars all have one thing in common – they can only succeed if all the materials, components and assemblies to be used have been successfully tested in high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum conditions.

One example is the simulation of the re-entry of space shuttles into the Earth's atmosphere and also the simulation and testing of engines.

The experimental chamber systems required for this purpose to simulate space conditions in a vacuum are available in all sizes – from a few liters for testing small objects such as printed circuit boards to several thousand cubic meters for the verification of entire spaceships for space travel.
We can supply turnkey system solutions with integrated fore vacuum and high vacuum pumps for this purpose. Specifically tailored to meet your individual needs for your flight test.

UNIVEX space simulation system


Thermal vacuum chambers to provide thermal conditions between -80°C and up to 180°C by using special made thermal fluid panels which allow homogenous temperature conditions by using coatings with high emissivity and pressure levels from low to high.


Electric propulsion vacuum test chambers to develop, evaluate and test EP thrusters with the most efficient way to pump xenon or krypton. Customized design chambers with or without antechamber are based on our vast experience and installations in the field.


Thermal vacuum bake out chambers under high vacuum conditions allow a controlled bake out procedure for any kind of flight hardware like electronical or mechanical devices, multi layer isolation foils or instruments. Cold traps, TQCMs and gas analyzers are available as a feature.

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