DRYVAC Systems Combinaton with DRYVAC 650 and RUVAC

DRYVAC systems

Dry fore vacuum systems

Powered by efficiency

For the use of the two to three-stage dry compressing "DS" and "RUTA" pump systems, we combine the DRYVAC backing pumps with RUVAC WA(U), WS(U), WH(U) and RA. A single flow layout can achieve pumping speeds of 250 to 16,000 m³/h. Higher pumping speeds can be achieved by arranging pumps in parallel. The achievable working pressures are defined by the number of pump stages or parallel pump systems.

User advantages

Direct connection of measuring gauges

Smart Version: Integrated operating and monitoring electronics

Improved lead times due to modularization

Easier tool integration by standard interfaces

Extremely compact design provides more space in production areas

Very low noise level improves working environment conditions

Significant cost reduction because of high energy efficiency

Clean technology with no oil emissions

Optimized for fast cycle / load lock applications

A plus in energy efficiency


Leybold has refined its DRYVAC vacuum pump systems, making them adaptable for a variety of applications. The recipe is simple and efficient: Take a dry compressing screw vacuum  pump and a roots pump, combine both of roven technologies along with pressure measurement, shut-off devices and electrical control, creating a turn-key smart vacuum system that is cost-effective and completely ready for use by the customer.

The fore vacuum systems of the DRYVAC pump series by Leybold have been used successfully in various processes, which can be simple or very challenging. The pumping systems are known for their maximum suction capacity while operating at minimum operating costs.

Now, Leybold has developed the systems further: The new two-stage DRYVAC Systems distinguish themselves particularly by their modular design resulting in improved user-friendliness and easy servicing. All equipment features are aligned to the requirements of the different markets.

DRYVAC Systems are available either as Basic or Smart system configuration.

DRYVAC Systems Combinaton with DRYVAC 650 and RUVAC

Standard configuration

Pre-assembled vacuum pump systems (standard version). Monitoring, control, programming, and power electronic components to be provided by the customer.

Standard configuration:

  • Exhaust to the side
  • Triple purge gas module
  • DRYVAC DV 200, DV 300, DV 500 available withshaft seal and gas ballast purge only

Optional configurations:

Double purge gas module, gas ballast system, non-return valve, quick access couplings (water), mating connector for power and signal supply, relay board (digital I/O) (Only for the DRYVAC 650 and 800 Versions)


  • High performance with excellent cost performance ratio
  • Worldwide service and spare parts ability
  • Rapid response times
DRYVAC Systems Combinaton with DRYVAC 650 and RUVAC

Smart configuration

The smart pump system versions are characterized by integrated power electronics, monitoring devices for the purge gas system and key parameters, easy and user-friendly operation handling (local / remote), and additional features, e.g. connecting a gauge head. 

Standard configuration

  • Digital I/O interface
  • Prepared for connecting a variety of different gauge heads (CTR, DU, TTR)
  • Emergency Stop (EMS)
  • Compensation for voltage drops (≤2s)
  • Triple purge gas module

Optional configurations

Double purge gas module, gas ballast system, non-return valve, quick-action couplings, Profibus, Profine, Ethernet or Ethercat


  • High performance at attractive prices
  • Autonomous vacuum pump system
  • Worldwide service and spare parts availability
  • Rapid response time
DRYVAC Systems Combinaton with DRYVAC 650 and RUVAC

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