Scientist in lab with electro microscope

Vacuum for Analytical Instruments in Medical applications

From mass spectrometers to electron microscopes.

Analytical instruments used for the medical sector include the large families of mass spectrometers and electron microscopes of various designs. These instruments are used in a wide variety of applications from neonatal testing, metabolic monitoring, disease diagnosis to drug research and quality assurance. Other equipment employed in this sector includes X-ray; MRI, PET & PET CT scanners, linear accelerators and radiotherapy instruments.

The high-tech instruments for analytical analysis rely upon high performance vacuum pumps which fulfill the specific needs for the different analysis technologies, techniques and pressure regimes.

Typically, turbomolecular vacuum pumps like the TURBOVAC i family are used to generate the high vacuum (HV) required for the instruments; but where ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is necessary, ion pumps as found in our broad range of Gamma products plus cryogenic pumps such as the COOLVAC cryo pumps or cold heads.

As backing or fore vacuum pumps in many analytical instruments the most common technology is still oil sealed rotary vane pumps. Here our SOGEVAC BI portfolio is a standard solution for many manufacturers.

The market is gradually moving towards the convenience of dry technology. Here, lower power, less heat & noise , smaller footprint and no oil to dispose  in combination with longer service life offers a much more convenient solution. 
Our state-of-the-art small dry pumps are a perfect alternative with the ECODRY plus family and our SCROLLVAC plus product range. In addition to this vacuum pump program, Leybold offers all necessary accessories like vacuum gauges, components, valves and leak detectors as well as RGAs.