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Vacuum solutions for Medical applications

Healthcare industry: a steadily growing market

Healthcare industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industrial sectors worldwide due to increasing number of surgical procedures, aging populating and rise in the incidence of chronic diseases.

Medical vacuum applications are an important part of this sector with various vacuum processes. This goes from hospital vacuum with central vacuum systems over sterilization of surgical tools and vacuum coating of prothesis to analytical instruments. The vacuum conditions enable the gentle handling of medicines and medical devices or ensure the needed cleanness during medical treatments.

One of the main requirement for vacuum equipment used in the medical field is a reliable and high product quality to protect humans health.

At Leybold we offer well-designed and reliable products for medical applications with the highest quality standards.

Our broad product portfolio allows complete solutions for nearly any medical application.

Beside dry and wet fore vacuum pumps and high vacuum turbomolecular and cryogenic pumps we also offer a whole range of different vacuum gauges, leak detectors and accessories.