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COOLPOWER i 系列的製冷/製冷頭是以熱力學循環為基礎運作的氣體冷卻機構,可產生低溫。COOLPOWER i 製冷頭是 COOLVAC i 系列低溫幫浦的基本裝置。 

製冷器是一種冷卻機器,根據熱力學循環 (Carnot) 運作以產生低溫 (T 120 K)。

根據 Gifford/McMahon 原理操作的製冷器,已經成功超越其他冷卻低溫幫浦和低溫應用的方法。這類冷卻器是由 Leybold 生產和使用。


根據操作條件和型號,冷頭的第一級段冷卻至約 45 K 至 80 K,第二級段的操作溫度可達到 4 K。 兩個級段均由具有高導熱性的銅製成,將可用的製冷能力做最佳地利用。



單級段和雙級段 COOLPOWER i 製冷頭的標準系列可搭配多種應用。Leybold 提供在 80 K (單級段) 有從 20 W 到 250 W 可用製冷功率的製冷器。在兩級段系統中,第二級段的製冷功率為 20 K 時有 5 W 到 20 W。

COOLPAK i 系列的氦氣壓縮機用於驅動 COOLPOWER i 系列的製冷頭,馬達轉速可變,進而提高了冷卻性能。 除了標準產品外,我們還提供可根據客戶要求進行客制化設計的製冷頭。


Easy maintenance

Owing to the simple design of the pneumatically driven built-in cold heads, maintenance is easy. It can be performed in place without detaching the cold head from the vacuum chamber. Maintenance for the mechanically driven cold heads is easy as well. It can take place at the place of use and can be carried out without impacting the surrounding infrastructure, in particular with no breaking of the chamber’s vacuum by the service personnel. Their eco mode is set for long term operation and lifetime energy saving.

High reliability and resistance

Our cold heads are used in applications which place particularly high demands on reliability, such as magnetic resonance imaging in medical technology, the cooling of low and high temperature superconductors, and the cooling of detectors in telescopes for astronomy. Their high refrigerating capacity as well as their high cooling performance with a sophisticated stepper motor concept make the COOLPOWER cold heads very reliable. Additionally they come with variable motor speed by adaption from the compressor unit, have a boost mode operation for increased cooling performance and fast and short cooldown times. Our Cold Heads have a lead-free regenerator and don't require liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. The COOLPOWER Cold Heads are RoHS compatible and have very low vibration levels.


Operation of the COOLPOWER cold heads is made simple by a simple key-press. The cold head can be operated in basically every orientation. They have easy process control and temperature control via an internet control unit.


With a small footprint and the option to operate the compressor and the cold head apart you will have near to no space problems.

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