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COOLPAK - Helium Compressor




COOLPAK i 壓縮機可用於 COOLPOWER i 系列冷頭和 COOLVAC i 系列低溫幫浦的單機和多機運行。

COOLPAK i 系列採用油潤滑渦卷技術,配備變頻器和可變馬達速度,可在系統性能、能源需求和工作空間環境方面提供卓越的性能。 

借助高效的分離和過濾系統,COOLPAK i 可以為低溫系統產生連續的高純度氦氣流。

水冷氦氣壓縮機由內部控制器控制和維護,我們的 Elektronikon 控制器用於數千台工業空氣壓縮機。 該系統為我們的低溫製冷和幫浦提供卓越的性能,適用於廣泛的應用


提供 8 種不同機型,適合您的多種應用。

LV/HV 機型有 2 種不同的電壓範圍可供選擇。- 3ph/200V 和 3ph/400V/50-60Hz。

CH 型號適用於有 1 或 2 個製冷頭或製冷的應用。CP 機型用於 1 或 2 個低溫幫浦的應用。

COOLPAK 控制器可直覺操作。

舒適的彩色顯示器作為圖形用戶界面,可輕鬆叫出功能選單或輸入個人化設定。 有維護和服務需求時會送出警告通知。


COOLPAK i 氦氣壓縮機

COOLPAK i 氦氣壓縮機具有高節能潛力。在控制過程中耗電量會有所變化,通常可節省高達 25% 的能源。


  • 運轉過程序中以製冷頭和/或渦卷壓縮機的馬達運轉速度調適製冷功率需求
  • 高效率全密封渦卷壓縮技術,提供優異效能
  • 節能電子裝置
  • 智慧型壓差控制
  • 在設定點精確運轉 – 不過高也不過低
  • 負載取決於速度控制,將能源需求降至最低

COOLPAK 5000 i 系列壓縮機可用於 COOLPOWER i 系列製冷頭和 COOLVAC i 系列低溫幫浦的單機和多機運行。

COOLPAK - Helium Compressor



With programmable operation modes and a display that shows the inlet and discharge pressure, temperatures and different other parameters, you can select customized operation points. Language and units can be selected as well as timers and counters (e.g. running hours, pump starts,...) set. A weekly timer function as well as alarms and warnings are included.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

The COOLPAK i compressor units have been proven to drive cold heads and cryo pumps absolutely reliable and cost-effective. Due to the variable motor speed of the COOLPAK i compressor and the COOLPOWER i cold heads energy can be safed. An elongated maintenance period and the highly efficient filtration system do their part as well. With the filter designed to ensure the maximum of oil retention and to make sure that the oil separators aren’t overloaded the filter cartridge life-time is extended.

Oil-free and Pump Efficiency

The robust design of the COOLPAK I Compressor Units as well as the highly efficient hermetic scroll compressor contribute to the amazing performance. These scroll compressors make for a silent and low vibration operation. With variable motor speed of the compressor and the refrigerator and an internal controller “Elektronikon” Power demand the COOLPAK i compressors are highly efficient.

Compact and easy to use and flexible

The “plug & play” system design supports quickest installation and start-up without complicated programming. The COOLPAK i Compressor Units are easily serviceable as the absorber can be exchanged. One maintenance interval will have up to 22000 hours of running time. With the global voltage compatibility and their small footprint the COOLPAK i Compressors are very flexible.

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